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Introducing Malwarebytes Cloud Storage Scanning: How to scan for malware in cloud file storage repositories

We’re excited to announce Malwarebytes Cloud Storage Scanning, a new service that extends Nebula malware scanning options to include files stored on cloud storage repositories that are part of your organization’s digital ecosystem. Today, the service supports scanning of files under 100Mb in size that reside on Box.com or on Microsoft’s One
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Cloudflare Also Targeted by Hackers Who Breached Twilio

The threat actor that recently breached Twilio systems also targeted Cloudflare, and a few of the web security company’s employees fell for the phishing messages.Twilio revealed over the weekend that it became aware of unauthorized access to some of its systems on August 4. An investigation showed that the attackers had tricked some of its employees into pro
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BrightCloud® Threat Report Mid-Year Update: Reinvention is the Name of the Game

When was the last time you secretly smiled when ransomware gangs had their bitcoin stolen, their malware servers shut down, or were forced to disband? We hang on to these infrequent victories because history tells us that most ransomware collectives don’t go away—they reinvent themselves under a new name, with new rules, new targets, and new weaponry. Indeed
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Hackers behind Twilio data breach also targeted Cloudflare employees

Cloudflare revealed that at least 76 employees and their family members were targeted by smishing attacks similar to the one that hit Twilio. The content delivery network and DDoS mitigation company Cloudflare revealed this week that at least 76 employees and their family members received text messages on their personal and work phones. According to th
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Cloudflare employees also hit by hackers behind Twilio breach

Cloudflare says some of its employees' credentials were also stolen in an SMS phishing attack similar to the one that led to Twilio's network being breached last week.However, although the attackers got their hands on Cloudflare employees' accounts, they failed to breach its systems after their attempts to log in using them were blocked since they didn't hav
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IBM Patches High-Severity Vulnerabilities in Cloud, Voice, Security Products

IBM on Monday announced patches for multiple high-severity vulnerabilities impacting products such as Netezza for Cloud Pak for Data, Voice Gateway, and SiteProtector.A total of three vulnerabilities were resolved in IBM Netezza for Cloud Pak for Data, all of which impact the Golang packages that the platform uses. Two of these issues are rated ‘high severit
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Cloud DNS Security – How to protect DNS in the Cloud

When using DNS in the Cloud, security cannot be forgotten. This article is for cloud architects and security practitioners who would like to learn more about deployment options to DNS security and security best practices for DNS in the Cloud. You will learn DNS best practices for DNS security, and see the advantages of a cloud approach for DNS. The
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Kansas MSP shuts down cloud services to fend off cyberattack

A US managed service provider NetStandard suffered a cyberattack causing the company to shut down its MyAppsAnywhere cloud services, consisting of hosted Dynamics GP, Exchange, Sharepoint, and CRM services.According to an email sent to MyAppsAnywhere customers shared on Reddit, the company detected signs of a cyberattack on Tuesday morning and quic
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AWS Announces Enhancements to Cloud Security, Privacy, Compliance

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is hosting its re:Inforce 2022 conference these days and the cloud giant has taken the opportunity to unveil several enhancements to its security offerings.Security, privacy, compliance and identityAWS has announced a new Customer Incident Response Team (CIRT), whose goal is to provide assistance to customers during active security
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8220 Gang Cloud Botnet infected 30,000 host globally

The crimeware group known as 8220 Gang expanded over the last month their Cloud Botnet to roughly 30,000 hosts globally.  Researchers from SentinelOne reported that low-skill crimeware 8220 Gang has expanded their Cloud Botnet over the last month to roughly 30,000 hosts globally.  The gang focuses on infecting cloud hosts to deploy cryptocurrency miner
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Hacking group '8220' grows cloud botnet to more than 30,000 hosts

A cryptomining gang known as 8220 Gang has been exploiting Linux and cloud app vulnerabilities to grow their botnet to more than 30,000 infected hosts.The group is a low-skilled, financially-motivated actor that infects AWS, Azure, GCP, Alitun, and QCloud hosts after targeting publicly available systems running vulnerable versions of
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UK heat wave causes Google and Oracle cloud outages

An ongoing heatwave in the United Kingdom has led to Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud outages after cooling systems failed at the companies' data centers.For the past week, the United Kingdom has suffered an ongoing record-breaking heat wave causing stifling temperatures throughout the region.However, today, with temperatures reaching a record-breaking 40.2 deg
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CloudMensis spyware went undetected for many years

Researchers spotted previously undocumented spyware, dubbed CloudMensis, that targets the Apple macOS systems. Researchers from ESET discovered a previously undetected macOS backdoor, tracked as CloudMensis, that targets macOS systems and exclusively uses public cloud storage services as C2. The malware was designed to spy on the target systems, exfil
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New 'CloudMensis' macOS Spyware Used in Targeted Attacks

Researchers at cybersecurity company ESET have analyzed a previously undocumented macOS malware that appears to have been used in targeted attacks to steal valuable information from compromised systems.The new malware, named CloudMensis, has been described by ESET as both a piece of spyware and a backdoor. Developed in Objective-C, the malware has been desig
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New CloudMensis malware backdoors Macs to steal victims’ data

Unknown threat actors are using previously undetected malware to backdoor macOS devices and exfiltrate information in a highly targeted series of attacks.ESET researchers first spotted the new malware in April 2022 and named it CloudMensis because it uses pCloud, Yandex Disk, and Dropbox public cloud storage services for command-and-control (C2) communicatio
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