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Securing All Cloud Deployments With a Single Strategy

Many organizations eager to reap the benefits of cloud networking have adopted a cloud first strategy. As a result, their DevOps teams are actively developing applications that enable them to compete more effectively in today’s digital marketplace. Cost savings, agility, responsiveness and scalability are all drivers of this growing transition. Developing or
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Defining Cloud Security – Is It the Endpoint, Your Data, or the Environment?

You’ve heard it once; you’ve heard it a hundred times – “secure the cloud.” But what does that phrase mean? On the surface, it’s easy to assume this phrase means using cloud-enabled security products. However, it’s much more than that. Cloud security is about securing the cloud itself through a combination of procedures, policies, and technologies that work
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Stolen Cloud API Key to Blame for Imperva Breach

A security breach which led to the compromise of customer data at Imperva was caused by a stolen API key for one of its Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts, the firm has revealed.The firm was notified of the incident, which affected a subset of its Cloud WAF customers, by a third party at the end August.Chief technology officer, Kunal Anand, explained in a bl
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Network Security Must Transition into the Cloud Era

An integrated approach is the best way to provide organizations with the tools they need to decrease the attack surface and use strong security controls.Cloud and mobility have been driving transformative changes in the way we work for nearly a decade and continue to rank among the top macro trends affecting the IT landscape today. In fact, many organization
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Email Attacks Using Cloud Services are Increasing

An analysis of more than 2.2 billion emails between April and June (Q2) 2019 exposes the current tactics, techniques and targets of contemporary attackers. FireEye's latest email threat update highlights three specific themes: attackers are following business in making greater use of the cloud; Microsoft is by far the most abused brand in phishing attac
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Cloud is Creating Security and Network Convergence

Network Security Expertise is Needed More Than Ever Inside Security Operations Centers and on DevOps TeamsDigital transformation forces many changes to a business as it migrates to the public cloud. One of the most poorly examined is the convergence of network and security administration tasks and responsibilities in the public cloud.On premises, the divisi
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Global Study Finds Orgs Are Failing to Protect Data in the Cloud

A new global study from Thales and the Ponemon Institute has exposed a disparity between the rapid growth of data stored in the cloud and organizations’ approaches to cloud security.The firms surveyed more than 3000 IT and IT security practitioners in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Japan, the UK and the US, discovering that whilst nearly ha
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Security is Shifting to a Unified Cloud Edge

More than 95% of companies today use cloud services, and 83% store sensitive data in the cloud. Mobile devices and laptops allow for work to occur both inside and outside the network, pushing the boundary for security to a new edge defined by the cloud. Yet only 30% of companies today can protect data with the same policies on their devices, network, and in
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Controlling Data Leakage in Cloud Test-Dev Environments

The focus on digital transformation and compressing development release cycles is appealing, but that means security can be left behind. How should security practitioners address this challenge?Enterprises are increasingly using the cloud for their test and development spin-ups, to make development instances quickly available for their application developmen
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Cloud Vulnerability Could Let One Server Compromise Thousands

A flaw in the OnApp cloud management platform could let an attacker compromise a private cloud with access to a single server.A newly disclosed critical vulnerability in the OnApp cloud orchestration platform could let an attacker compromise an entire private cloud with access to a single server, researchers report.The finding comes from researchers at secur
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What security risks does rapid elasticity bring to the cloud?

One of the major benefits of anything living in the cloud is the ability to measure resources and use rapid elasticity to quickly scale as the environment demands. The days of being locked into physical hardware are over, and the benefits of rapid elasticity in cloud computing are attractive to many organizations.There are some concerns -- more based off the
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Cloud-Native Applications: Shift to Serverless is Underway

A new report explores changes in cloud-native applications and complexities involved with securing them.As businesses transition to technology as a service, production workloads will continue moving to public cloud platforms and server types are expected to shift from virtual machines (VMs) and bare metal to containers and serverless platforms. The growing c
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60% of Major US Firms Have Been Hacked in Cloud: Study

Hackers have penetrated cloud computing networks of some 60 percent of top US companies, with virtually all industry sectors hit, security researchers said Tuesday.Researchers at the enterprise security firm Proofpoint said they detected over 15 million unauthorized login attempts to cloud computing networks of US Fortune 500 firms in the first six months of
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Cloudflare Introduces 'Bot Fight Mode' Option for Site Operators

Goal is to help websites detect and block bad bot traffic, vendor says.Content delivery network Cloudflare has launched a new feature that it says will help users of its services prevent malicious bots from scraping their websites, stealing credentials, misusing APIs, or launching other attacks.Starting this week, site operators now have the option to turn o
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Five Common Cloud Configuration Mistakes

It's a joint responsibility to keep data safe in the cloud. Here's what cloud customers must do to keep their end of the bargain. There's no doubt that the cloud can improve certain aspects of security. After all, clouds have enormous economies of scale that provide customers with dedicated security teams and technologies that aren't feasible for the vast ma
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