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Apple Scraps CSAM Detection Tool for iCloud Photos

Apple has scrapped plans to ship a controversial child pornography protection tool for iCloud Photos, a concession to privacy rights advocates who warned it could have been used for government surveillance.Instead, the Cupertino, California device maker said it would expand investments into different tooling and features to warn children if they receive or a
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Eufy "no cloud" security cameras streaming data to the cloud

Eufy home security cameras are currently in a spot of trouble as a result of door camera footage. This is because it turns out that data which should not have been going to the cloud was doing so anyway in certain conditions. Securing your home: a complicated proposition Insecure cameras, unprotected cloud footage, streams going where they shouldn&rsquo
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Texas Cloud Computing Company Rackspace Confirms Ransomware Attack

Rackspace, a cloud computing provider based in Texas, confirmed earlier this week that it is facing a ransomware attack, which is also the reason behind an outage in its Hosted Exchange business. While the investigation takes place, the company states that this is an isolated incident and that its other products and services have not been impacted.As you kno
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CloudSEK Blames Hack on Another Cybersecurity Company

Digital risk protection company CloudSEK claims that another cybersecurity firm is behind a recent data breach resulting from the compromise of an employee’s Jira account.As part of the targeted cyberattack, an unknown party used session cookies for the employee’s Jira account to gain access to various types of internal data.Because the user never used a pas
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Apple Adding End-to-End Encryption to iCloud Backup

Apple on Wednesday announced plans to beef up data security protections on its flagship devices with the addition of new encryption tools for iCloud backups and a feature to help users verify identities in the Messages app.The security-themed upgrades, scheduled to ship in 2023, includes a new feature called Advanced Data Protection for iCloud offering end-t
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Apple rolls out end-to-end encryption for iCloud backups

Apple introduced today Advanced Data Protection for iCloud, a new feature that uses end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive iCloud data, including backups, photos, notes, and more.For customers who choose to enable this new security feature, Advanced Data Protection is designed to safeguard "most iCloud data even in the case of a data breach in the cloud"
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CloudSEK claims it was hacked by another cybersecurity firm

Indian cybersecurity firm CloudSEK says a threat actor gained access to its Confluence server using stolen credentials for one of its employees' Jira accounts.While some internal information, including screenshots of product dashboards and three customers' names and purchase orders, was exfiltrated from its Confluence wiki, CloudSEK says the attackers didn't
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Mitigate threats with the new threat matrix for Kubernetes

Today, we are glad to release the third version of the threat matrix for Kubernetes, an evolving knowledge base for security threats that target Kubernetes clusters. The matrix, first released by Microsoft in 2020, was the first attempt to systematically cover the attack landscape of Kubernetes. Since then, the project has received great attention and intere
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Security Flaws in AMI BMC Can Expose Many Data Centers, Clouds to Attacks

Researchers at firmware and hardware security company Eclypsium have identified several potentially serious vulnerabilities in baseboard management controller (BMC) firmware made by AMI (American Megatrends) and used by some of the world’s biggest server manufacturers.Eclypsium started analyzing the firmware in August, after it came across a data leak allege
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iCloud for Windows Uploads Other People’s Photos and Spoils Videos

December 05, 2022 7 0 Author: Amanda Johnson iCloud for Windows Uploads Other People’s Photos and Spoils Videos Users complai
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Cloud provider Rackspace hit by ongoing 12-hour Exchange outage

American cloud computing services provider Rackspace is investigating a 12-hour-long and still active outage leading to connectivity issues and affecting hosted Microsoft Exchange environments they manage for their customers.The list of impacted services includes MAPI/RPC, POP, IMAP, SMTP, ActiveSync, and the Outlook Web Access (OWA) interface used to access
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IBM Cloud Vulnerability Exposed Users to Supply Chain Attacks

IBM recently patched a vulnerability in IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL that could have exposed users to supply chain attacks.The vulnerability has been named Hell’s Keychain by cloud security firm Wiz, whose researchers discovered the issue. It has been described by the company as a “first-of-its-kind supply-chain attack vector impacting a cloud provider
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GoTo says hackers breached its dev environment, cloud storage

Remote access and collaboration company GoTo disclosed today that they suffered a security breach where threat actors gained access to their development environment and third-party cloud storage service.GoTo (formerly LogMeIn) began emailing customers Wednesday afternoon, warning that they have started investigating the cyberattack with the help of Mandiant
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Cloudflare raises monthly plan prices for the first time

Cloudflare announced today that they are raising prices for their Pro and Business plans for the first time since they launched in 2017.Cloudflare is a distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection and content delivery network company launched on September 27th, 2010.When the company launched, it introduced two plans that website owners could subscribe to
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Token tactics: How to prevent, detect, and respond to cloud token theft

As organizations increase their coverage of multifactor authentication (MFA), threat actors have begun to move to more sophisticated techniques to allow them to compromise corporate resources without needing to satisfy MFA. Recently, the Microsoft Detection and Response Team (DART) has seen an increase in attackers utilizing token theft for this purpose. By
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