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Cyber Criminals Hijack Chrome Extensions and put 4.7 Million Users at Risk

Developer accounts of popular chrome extensions being hijacked by cyber criminals, over 4.7 million users are at a risk of cyber attack. Over 4.7 million users could be at risk after being exposed to malicious adverts and credentials theft due to developer accounts of popular chrome extensions being hijacked by cyber criminals. A phishing campaign run by Cyb
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Four Essential Security & Privacy Extensions for Chrome

Here are the top four extensions for the Chrome browser to keep your online activity safe, secure and private. The recent global wave of cybercrimes, particularly via exploiting loopholes in many leading browsers, has put internet privacy and online security directly in the line of fire. Internet users, in general, are worried about securing their data again
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New Chrome Extension Helps Combat Keyboard Biometric Profiling

Two security researchers released a new Chrome extension this week that thwarts attempts to profile users based on a biometric.Researchers Per Thorsheim and Paul Moore collaborated on KeyboardPrivacy, an add-on that injects random delays between presses on a keyboard, Moore said. Those delays, the researchers said, disarm attempts to build behavioral profile
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