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Chrome OS gets cryptographically verified enterprise device management

Companies will now be able to cryptographically validate the identity of Chrome OS devices connecting to their networks and verify that those devices conform to their security policies.On Thursday, Google announced a new feature and administration API called Verified Access. The API relies on digital certificates stored in the hardware-based Trusted Plat
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Google $100 ChromeBit Turns Any TV Into a Computer

Imagine — reaching into your pocket — and pulling out a computer! Google has made it possible to put your whole computer into your pocket by introducing a whole new kind of Chrome device — a tiny stick that plugs into HDMI port of any display.Dubbed ChromeBit, a fully featured computer-on-a-stick from Asus that Google promises to retail f
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How To Run Almost Any Android App On Windows, OS X, Linux with Chrome

From last week, Google began paving the way to run Android apps on Chrome Operating System through the project named "App Runtime for Chrome", but the release came with a lot of limitations – it only supported certain Android apps and on Chrome OS only. At the launch, initially only 4 Android apps – Vine, Evernote, Duolingo and Sight Words –
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