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ClarkeModet: industrial and intellectual property protected with Panda Security

Cybercrime can have many ambitious objectives: sabotaging a business; stealing money; exfiltrating customers’ personal data and the company’s sensitive information; and even causing physical damage. For certain kinds of companies, there is a objective of cybercrime that can lead to serious financial losses: industrial espionage. For a technological, pharmace
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TMS Industrial Services and industrial cybersecurity

These days, there’s no arguing the fact that all sectors are, to a greater or lesser degree, exposed to some kind of cyber-risks.  This is especially true in a world in which more and more organizations are using networks that are connected to external partners and providers, and are starting to adopt IoT systems, increasing the attack surface. One of the se
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Bidfreight Port Operations and logistics industry cybersecurity

The logistics industry is a vital part of the modern economy. The services provided by this sector ensure the availability of goods and products as essential as food and medicine. It could be seen as the backbone of the economy in many senses. The cybersecurity issues in the industry are, therefore, particularly worrying. A recent report reveals that only 35
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Securing the Modern Endpoint the SANS Maturity Way

In Case You Missed It Bromium recently engaged in a series of communications and events on the topic of Securing the Modern Endpoint, covering timely and provocative concepts including: How detection consistently fails to secure the enterprise and why new thinking is desperately needed How to realign your defenses around a modern threat risk model using few
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Monitoring Docker on GKE and AWS at Everalbum

Everalbum transitioned from a more static, VM-based architecture to a Docker-based model across dozens of hosts and multiple cloud providers. In addition to monitoring Docker containers, Everalbum leverages Kubernetes and cloud provider-run services. They needed a solution that covers server monitoring, container monitoring and even custom statsd metrics fro
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