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Cisco Founders Forum: One creative way to keep & energize talent

The tech industry brims with examples of bright entrepreneurs who have struck it big by selling their startups and then hightailing it out of those larger companies once contractually eligible so that they can pursue their next venture.So what the heck is Matt Cutler still doing at Cisco three years after selling his mobile collaboration startup to the n
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There’s a war on for cybersecurity talent

Filling cybersecurity jobs is getting so hard managers need to think outside the box if they hope to fill critical positions, experts say.That means redefining jobs, training human resources departments to screen resumes differently, seeking latent talent already inside the organization, and hiring bright, motivated people who can grow into critical role
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Enterprises continue to struggle to find cybersecurity talent, survey finds

As enterprises rapidly digitize more business processes with cloud computing, mobile, IoT, and data they are straining their ability to find the security talent they need to secure their systems.According to the Global State of Information Security Survey (GSISS) 2017 -- a worldwide study conducted by PwC, CIO and CSO released this month - skilled cybers
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CIO security lessons: Dark thinking on IoT & exploding enterprise networks

“How many of you or your staff had trouble getting on the internet Friday?”That was how cybersecurity consultant Bryce Austin kicked off his talk Tuesday at SIMposium 2016, a big gathering of CIOs and IT execs at the Mohegan Sun resort in Connecticut, on the "Unintended Consequences of the Internet of Things."Uncomfortable laughter ensued.Austin, who the
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University IT employees fighting for jobs question security

Data security is a simmering issue in offshore outsourcing. The offshore workers who staff help desks, call centers and manage systems are accessing data in the U.S. The University of California IT employees, who will soon lose their jobs to overseas workers, are trying point this out.The IT employees say workers in India will have access to UCSF medical
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White House: A.I. will be critical driver of U.S. economy

The White House sees artificial intelligence as an increasingly critical technology that can fight cyberattacks, upgrade weapons of war, improve health care and even unclog traffic for the commute home.However, the Obama administration also expects that A.I. will reduce low-level jobs and create security and ethical issues.With critical pros and cons loo
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Tech jobs that will get you the biggest raise next year

The biggest raises in 2017 will go to data scientists, who can expect a 6.4% boost in pay next year. That’s well above the average 3.8% increase that’s predicted for tech workers, according to new data from Robert Half Technology.The recruiting and staffing specialist recently released its annual guide to U.S. tech salaries, which finds IT workers will b
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How to get your network and security teams working together

It's not surprising that network and security teams aren't always on the same page. After all, networks need to be fast and efficient, while security is about slowing things down and implementing extra steps to help meet security measures. While both teams are a part of the IT department, and need to work together in the event of a breach, each g
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IDG Contributor Network: Securing company data during offboarding

As cyberattacks have become more frequent and severe, many businesses have redoubled their security efforts, determined to reduce their exposure to risk wherever possible. However, several major vulnerabilities have gone unaddressed despite IT professionals’ repeated warnings. This disconnect between IT and management has hampered more comprehens
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90% off Become an Ethical Hacker With This Complete eLearning Bundle - Deal Alert

With cyberattacks putting everyone on edge, companies are looking for ethical hackers--IT pros paid handsomely to hack their network, expose security flaws, and fix them before someone else breaks in. Learn the tools of the ethical hacking trade with the Become an Ethical Hacker Bundle, now only $44.99 for a limited time.Sign up for over 59 hours
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Citrix & LogMeIn complete complicated, tax-free sort-of merger

LogMeIn, the makers of the popular remote desktop software as well as IT security and conferencing offerings, will become part of a Citrix subsidiary in the wake of a complicated, $1.8 billion transaction announced Tuesday by the two companies.The transaction is what’s called a Reverse Morris Trust, which apparently allows the untaxed transfer of
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$29.99 for the IT Security & Ethical Hacking Certification Training ($1,895 value) - Deal Alert

If you’re looking to enter a rapidly growing field, snag this course bundle in IT Security & Ethical Hacking. Instructors walk you through training for three industry-recognized certification exams:CompTIA Security+Cisco’s CCNA SecurityCertified Ethical HackerFor a limited time, the bundle of courses is only $29.99--a steal considering it’s j
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How to train new grads on corporate security

Millennials bring a lot to the workplace, whether they're pushing the boundaries of company culture or forcing companies to modernize. But there are a few risks associated with hiring recent grads -- especially if it's their first job in the industry -- and one of those risks is data security. In a recent study from the Ponemon Institute in partn
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U.S. Cyber Command struggles to retain top cybersecurity talent

At U.S. Cyber Command, the top brass has made recruiting top talent a leading priority, but those efforts have been slowed by challenges in attracting and retaining the next generation of cyber warriors.Maj. Gen. Paul Nakasone, commander of Cyber Command's Cyber National Mission Force, spoke to those struggles in a recent online event hosted by Federal N
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‘Vendor overload’ adds to CISO burnout

There are multiple reasons for the relatively rapid burnout of Chief Information Security Officers (CISO).They include a combination of pressure and the unrealistic expectation that the CISO should not just lower the risk of major breaches, but prevent them altogether.The modern CISO is also expected to have skills that go well beyond being a technology
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