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How Cybersecurity Salaries Fit Experience and Specialization

Not too long ago, there was a one-size-fits-all assumption about cybersecurity jobs. The security professional was hired to manage security systems and read logs — maybe handle audits and ensure industry compliance. Now, the job landscape for cybersecurity professionals is becoming more specialized, and even those specialized areas break down into even more
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Unexpectedly Useful Skills for Careers in Cybersecurity

Of all the weird quirks I had as a kid, I never expected that my fascination with untying knots in the yarn from the arts and crafts box in fourth grade would benefit me in my job today. I recently did an interview for Business Radio X about one of IBM Security’s initiatives to raise awareness about careers in cybersecurity among middle school girls. T
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Beyond IT: Finding a Mentor to Help Guide Your Cybersecurity Career

As an independent information security consultant, I am often asked what it takes to forge a positive cybersecurity career path and stand out in the field. I tell people that working for yourself is not for everyone. An independent security professional must constantly seek out new business, unsure where that next bit of income is going to come from. It̵
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How to Land Yourself in A Dream Career in Cybersecurity

Last week I had the wonderful honor of being a presenter in the Cisco Networking Academy Find Yourself in The Future Series. To date this series has attracted over 9000 live attendees, which is testament to the extremely high levels of interest in technology careers in this region as well as the extraordinary efforts of the APAC marketing team. One figure bl
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Where Will the next Generation of Security Professionals Come From?

If you’re a security professional you’ve probably heard we’re going to be 2 million security professionals worldwide by 2017. At least that’s what speakers at the Digital Skills Committee at the House of Lords in London said recently. The basic thought is that we’re not training enough students to be security professionals and t
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On artificially-bounded futures

I flew back to MIT recently for the GNU 30th Anniversary Celebration and Hackathon, thanks to a generous travel scholarship from the Free Software Foundation. All I had to do was never, ever run any proprietary javascript in my browser and something something something about firstborns. Seemed like a net win. The hackathon itself was fun. I spent most of it
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