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Despite Tech Layoffs, Cybersecurity Positions are Hiring

It’s easy to read today’s headlines and think that now isn’t the best time to look for a job in the tech industry. However, that’s not necessarily true. When you read deeper into the stories and numbers, cybersecurity positions are still very much in demand. Cybersecurity professionals are landing jobs every day, and IT professionals
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How I Got Started: Offensive Security

In the high-stakes world of cybersecurity, offensive security experts play a pivotal role in identifying and mitigating potential threats. These professionals, sometimes referred to as “ethical hackers”, use their skills to probe networks and systems in search of vulnerabilities, ultimately helping organizations fortify their digital defenses. I
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What “Beginner” Skills do Security Leaders Need to Refresh?

The chief information security officer (CISO) was once a highly technical role primarily focused on security. But now, the role is evolving. Modern security leaders must work across divisions to secure technology and help meet business objectives. To stay relevant, the CISO must have a broad range of skills to maintain adequate security and collaborate
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How I Got Started: SOC Analyst

The role of a Security Operations Center (SOC) analyst is crucial in maintaining an organization’s security posture. A SOC analyst wears many hats but typically acts as a watchdog looking out for attacks in progress while also finding ways to boost defenses and prevent or mitigate future attacks. In this exclusive Q&A, we spoke with Ben Philip, a
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What Does a Network Security Engineer Do?

Cybersecurity is complex. The digital transformation, remote work and the ever-evolving threat landscape require different tools and different skill sets. Systems must be in place to protect endpoints, identities and a borderless network perimeter. The job role responsible for handling this complex security infrastructure is the network security engineer. I
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What is a Red Teamer? All You Need to Know

A red teamer is a cybersecurity professional that works to help companies improve IT security frameworks by attacking and undermining those same frameworks, often without notice. The term “red teaming” is often used interchangeably with penetration testing. While the terms are similar, however, there are key distinctions. First and foremost is t
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What is a Blue Teamer, and How Can They Protect Your Data?

Modern-day cybersecurity isn’t just about preventing and responding to threats; it’s about setting up defenses that can detect and respond to suspicious activity before it can do any damage. But to adequately protect an organization’s systems, a team of cybersecurity professionals needs to work together to put their security protocols to t
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What is an Incident Response Professional?

As part of our ongoing series highlighting various roles in the cybersecurity industry, this article shines the light on the incident response professional. While there are many misconceptions surrounding the role, let’s examine a few frequently asked questions. How In-Demand is this Particular Role? Why?  Year after year, the story is the same:
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What are the Duties of a Malware Analyst?

Malware breaches begin in many ways. Recently, multiple fake antivirus apps in the Google Play Store were infected with malware. Earlier this year, malware deployed through satellites shut down modems in Ukraine. Destructive malware attacks have an average lifecycle of 324 days (233 days to identify and 91 days to contain), compared to the global lifecycle
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What is a Pentester, and Can They Prevent Data Breaches?

With the cost of data breaches at an all-time high, organizations are working to proactively identify areas of risk on the network. Using pentesters to conduct penetration (pen) testing is becoming more common. To protect themselves, businesses must know their risk areas before hackers find vulnerabilities. Organizations can lower their attack risk by prote
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Bridging the 3.4 Million Workforce Gap in Cybersecurity

As new cybersecurity threats continue to loom, the industry is running short of workers to face them. The 2022 (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study identified a 3.4 million worldwide cybersecurity worker gap; the total existing workforce is estimated at 4.7 million. Yet despite adding workers this past year, that gap continued to widen. Nearly 12,000 partic
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How Do Threat Hunters Keep Organizations Safe?

Neil Wyler started his job amid an ongoing cyberattack. As a threat hunter, he helped his client discover that millions of records had been stolen over four months. Even though his client used sophisticated tools, its threat-hunting technology did not detect the attack because the transactions looked normal. But with Wyler’s expertise, he was able to
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6 Roles That Can Easily Transition to a Cybersecurity Team

With the shortage of qualified tech professionals in the cybersecurity industry and increasing demand for trained experts, it can take time to find the right candidate with the necessary skill set. However, while searching for specific technical skill sets, many professionals in other industries may be an excellent fit for transitioning into a cybersecurity
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Laid Off by Big Tech? Cybersecurity is a Smart Career Move

Big technology companies are laying off staff as market conditions change. The move follows a hiring blitz initially triggered by the uptick in pandemic-powered remote work — according to Bloomberg, businesses are now cutting jobs at a rate approaching that of early 2020. For example, in November 2022 alone, companies laid off more than 52,000 workers
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Outrageous Stories From Three Cyber Incident Responders

Working in cyber incident response can certainly make life interesting. Experiences typically run the gamut from exciting, dull, fun, repetitive and challenging. IBM Security commissioned a study from Morning Consult that surveyed over 1,100 cybersecurity incident responders across ten countries. Unsurprisingly, over two-thirds of respondents experienced da
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