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New Rombertik Sample has originated in Nigeria

ThreatConnect has conducted further investigations on the Rombertik malware and traced a malicious sample they analyzed to a Nigeria-based man. Lately Rombertik have been making the headlines of security related news, I wrote on SecurityAffairs about the malware a few weeks ago, last update from security researchers at ThreatC
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Malware Evolution Calls for Actor Attribution?

What makes one novel strain of malicious software more dangerous or noteworthy than another? Is it the sheer capability and feature set of the new malware, or are these qualities meaningless without also considering the skills, intentions and ingenuity of the person wielding it? Most experts probably would say it’s important to consider attribution insofar a
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European automobile businesses fall prey to Carbon Grabber

Contributor: Mark Anthony BalanzaAs a successful business sector, the automobile industry is an attractive target for cybercrime. The automobile industry is composed of a multitude of businesses ranging from manufacturers and sellers to garages offering maintenance and repair. Earlier this month, we observed a spam campaign that targeted several
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