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Key Considerations for Canada’s Forthcoming National Cyber Security Strategy

On December 16, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released mandate letters tasking his ministers of national defense, foreign affairs, public safety, and industry to develop a new “National Cyber Security Strategy.” He specifically highlighted the need for the strategy to “articulate Canada’s long-term strategy to protect our national security and economy, deter
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Nation-state actors from Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea target Canada

Canada Centre for Cyber Security warns of risks related to state-sponsored programs from China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. A report published by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, titled “National Cyber Threat Assessment 2020,” warns of risks associated with state-sponsored operations from China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. The
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What Is PIPEDA? And How Does It Protect You and Your Privacy?

You have likely heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and you probably refer to this standard whenever the topic of privacy and data processing arises. But what about outside of the EU? The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (Commissariat à la protection de la vie privée du Canada) has a twitter account that shares information reg
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Assemblyline – Canada’s CSE intelligence Agency releases its malware analysis tool

Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (CSE) intel agency has released the source code for one of its malware analysis tools dubbed Assemblyline. The Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (CSE) intelligence agency has released the source code for one of its malware detection and analysis tools dubbed Assemblyline. The Assemblyline tool is wr
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Weaponized NSA-Grade Malware Brings Down Industry Verticals, But Not Bromium’s Customers

Weaponized NSA Grade Malware catastrophically brought down enterprises worldwide May 12, 2017 Patches have been available for months. U.S. Presidential Executive Order issued May 11, 2017 asserted that the greatest threat to U.S. Cyber integrity are “Known attacks” WannaCry could have been prevented by applying the right cyber security architecture WannaCry
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Canada to Enact Legislation Will Require All Businesses to Report Data Breaches

Canada is in the final stages of enacting legislation that will require all companies to report data breaches to the federal government.The Canadian government first passed the legislation back in 2015 as part of the Digital Privacy Act. Due to the need for “related regulations outlining specific requirements,” government officials gave industry
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Armed Forces recruitment website hacked, visitors redirected to China

Canada Armed Forces recruitment website was taken down after it was hacked and would-be recruits are redirected to a Chinese government page. The Canadian Armed Forces recruitment website was hacked last week, visitors have been redirected to the Chinese government’s main page instead of the legitimate website. According to CTV television, anyone tryin
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Oh Canada! – Canucks under attack in the latest wave of banking Trojan scams

Canadian online users appear to be the current target of the latest wave of email-based phishing campaigns used to deliver banking malware. Canadian online banking users appear to be the current target of the latest wave of email-based phishing campaigns. While Canada hasn’t been exempt from banking malware attacks in the past, it appears that there has been
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Canadian law enforcement obtained BlackBerry Global encryption Key

A report published by the VICE News confirmed that the Canadian law enforcement obtained the BlackBerry encryption Key under the investigation Op Clemenza. BlackBerry is probably the first mobile vendor that implemented end-to-end encryption to protect communications of its users. Now an embarrassing report published by Vice News revealed that BlackBerry h
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The dangerous interaction between Russian and Brazilian cyber criminal underground

Kaspersky has analyzed the interaction between the Russian and Brazilian criminal underground communities revealing a dangerous interaction. In the past weeks, we have analyzed the evolution of cyber criminal communities worldwide, focusing on illicit activities in the Deep Web. To simplify the approach we have considered the principal cyber criminal communi
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Which are principal cybercriminal ecosystems in the Deep Web?

TrendMicro published an interesting analysis of the principal cyber criminal underground communities in the Deep Web worldwide. A new interesting report published by the experts at TrendMicro highlights the differences between the principal underground ecosystems worldwide. Thinking of a unique “global” underground ecosystem is an error, every community has
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Canada – Military data found in hard drive at the recycling depot

A man has found a 30-gigabyte hard drive at a recycling depot in Halifax containing at least 10 GB Canadian military data. According to the Canadian CBC, a man named Pete Stevens has found a 30-gigabyte hard drive at a recycling depot in Halifax. The media support contains personal information including the names and numbers o
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RCMP Cybercrime Strategy to fight online crimes

The RCMP Cybercrime Strategy aims to improve Canada’s national police force in its fight against the rising and evolving threat of cybercrime. Canadian Authorities consider online crimes serious threats to the Homeland security. Several times law enforcement tried to identify members of hacking crews like Anonymous, but
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Canada’s Quiet History Of Weakening Communications Encryption

Authors: Christopher Parsons, Tamir IsraelIntroductionAmerican and British officials have been warning with an increasing sense of purported urgency that their inability to decrypt communications could have serious consequences. American authorities have claimed that if they cannot demand decrypted communications from telecommunications providers then seriou
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Christopher Parsons on the Canadian government’s “secret network” hack

A “secret network” launched by the Canadian federal government last year, costing millions of dollars to taxpayers, came under close scrutiny following a suspected hack. The network is based at the Federal Treasury Board, and was produced after hackers attacked department servers in 2011. In an interview with Global News, Citizen Lab Postdoctoral
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