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Securing that Holiday Shopping List with Cloud Web Security

With holiday shopping in full swing many of us are scrambling to buy that must-have toy, hot new gadget, or latest fashion trend. But shoppers aren’t the only ones striving to deliver just the right thing. There’s an entire supply chain working in lock-step to make sure the shelves are stocked with what you want, when you want it. A critical component of tha
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Working Smarter with Cisco Cloud Web Security

We listen to our customers all the time, and what they have been telling us about cloud security over the past 18 months is intriguing. There was a time when IT security leaders were clearly uncomfortable about the idea of trusting remotely delivered security; discussions about cloud security would be met with skepticism. Over the last year and a half, this
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Threat Spotlight: “Kyle and Stan” Malvertising Network 9 Times Larger Than Expected

This post was authored by Armin Pelkmann.On September 8th, Cisco’s Talos Security Intelligence & Research Group unveiled the existence of the “Kyle and Stan” Malvertisement Network. The network was responsible for placing malicious advertisements on big websites like amazon.com, ads.yahoo.com, www.winrar.com, youtube.com and 70 other do
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“Kyle and Stan” Malvertising Network Threatens Windows and Mac Users With Mutating Malware

This post was authored by Shaun Hurley, David McDaniel and Armin Pelkmann.Have you visited amazon.com, ads.yahoo.com, www.winrar.com, youtube.com, or any of the 74 domains listed below lately? If the answer is yes, then you may have been a victim to the “Kyle and Stan” Malvertising Network that distributes sophisticated, mutating malware for Wind
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Filtering Explicit Content

Many web sites provide a setting to reduce the amount of explicit, or objectionable, content returned by the site. The user configures these settings, but many users are unaware such a setting exists, or that it needs to be set for each web site. Additionally, the security administrator cannot audit that users have configured the setting. As a result, users
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