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CVE-2017-0199: Crooks exploit PowerPoint Slide Show files to deliver malware

According to Trend Micro, cyber criminals abuse the CVE-2017-0199 vulnerability to deliver malware via PowerPoint Slide Show. In April Microsoft fixed the CVE-2017-0199  vulnerability in Office after threat actors had been exploiting it in the wild. Hackers leveraged weaponized Rich Text File (RTF) documents exploiting a flaw in Office’s Object Linking and E
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Backdoor-carrying Emails Set Sights on Russian-speaking Businesses

by Lenart Bermejo, Ronnie Giagone, Rubio Wu, and Fyodor Yarochkin  A malicious email campaign against Russian-speaking enterprises is employing a combination of exploits and Windows components to deliver a new backdoor that allows attackers to take over the affected system. The attack abuses various legitimate Windows components to run unauthorized scripts;
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Chinese TA459 APT exploits CVE-2017-0199 flaw to target Financial firms

Malware researchers at security firm ProofPoint reported the Chinese TA459 APT has exploited the CVE-2017-0199 vulnerability to target Financial firms. The notorious cyber espionage group tracked as TA459 APT has targeted analysts working at major financial firms using the recently patched  CVE-2017-0199 Microsoft Office vulnerability. Experts at Proofpoint
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