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The Four Element Sword, weaponized document builder used in APT Attacks

Experts analyzed a dozen attacks that leveraged on malicious RTF documents created using the same Four Element Sword builder. Security experts at Arbor Networks’ Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT) have spotted a tool used in advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks against organizations in East Asia. The researchers have analyzed a dozen attacks
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Operation Buhtrap: New Spyware is targeting Russian Banking Sector

ESET has discovered a new hacking campaign dubbed Operation Buhtrap based on a family of spyware targeting vulnerabilities within the Russian Windows System. Late in 2014 analysts at ESET uncovered CVE-2012-0158, a buffer overflow vulnerability in the ListView / TreeView ActiveX controls in the MSCOMCTL.OCX library.  This part
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Gh0st RAT used in targeted attacks against Tibetan activists

APT actors trying to use the G20 2014 summit as a lure to compromise Tibetan nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) with Gh0st RAT. Security experts at ESET uncovered a new series of cyber attacks that targeted Tibetan nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) concurrently with the G20 2014 summit in Brisbane, Australia. The expert
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Windows Registry Infecting Malware Has NO Files

This is a pretty interesting use of the Windows Registry and reminds me a little of the transient drive-by malware used last year against Internet Explorer that left no files either – Another IE 0-Day Hole Found & Used By In-Memory Drive By Attacks.The main difference being, that wasn’t persistent and as it lived in RAM, it wouldn’t su
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