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SolarWinds Taps Firm Started by Ex-CISA Chief Chris Krebs, Former Facebook CSO Alex Stamos

SolarWinds Hires New Cybersecurity Firm Founded by Former CISA Director Chris Krebs and Alex Stamos, Former Security Chief at Yahoo and FacebookFollowing a significant security incident that sent shockwaves through the global cybersecurity community, SolarWinds has hired a newly formed cybersecurity consulting firm founded by Chris Krebs, former director of
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Adobe Chooses Blizzard Entertainment’s Adams as New CSO

Former Blizzard Entertainment chief security officer (CSO) Mark Adams has joined Adobe as its new CSO and SVP, where he will play a key role in shaping the future of the firm after Flash.Adams replaces former CSO, Brad Arkin, who joined Cisco as its new chief security and trust officer recently.Before a four-year stint as CISO and then combined CIO and CSO a
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Evolving architecture, management solutions that don’t secure, and dead perimeters: a CISO’s job is a hard one

  “You know, when a CSO think through priorities — it’s a tough job. [They need to] to balance the kinds of things that require a lot of intense concentration, real deep problems in infrastructure … with the day-to-day things that could be just as important.” Ed Amoroso would know. Ed served for 12 years as CSO at AT&T and is now the CEO of T
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Paying attention to mobile now will give you a stronger security architecture later

“I think the time has come to skew expenditures more toward the future as opposed to what we’re seeing right now. There are still more non-mobile threats that are publicly reported than mobile threats, but that’s a temporary condition. People need to think about mobile and cloud and what’s coming and start the transition now. Otherwise they will not be in a
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CSOs Who Understand the User Experience Deliver Better Security

Security is everyone’s business. It can affect the user experience of everyone who has a stake in the organization’s data and the systems that collect and process it. Chief security officers (CSOs) are tasked with maintaining data security. Their jobs are complex in commercial enterprises, but health care environments pose additional challenges d
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Move the CSO to a Different Place on the Security Org Chart

The chief information officer (CIO) may be in charge of the data, but who is responsible for enabling security? Where is the dividing line between the responsibilities of the CIO and those of the chief security officer (CSO)? Should there even be a dividing line? We posed these questions and more to Bil Harmer, a strategist working in the office of the chief
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Former CSO of AT&T, Dr. Edward Amoroso, talks mobile attackers and how enterprise security teams should innovate

Dr. Amoroso is a former SVP and CSO of AT&T. He is currently on the board of M&T Bank and the CEO of TAG Cyber, which has just released the 2017 TAG Cyber Security Annual, a comprehensive reference guide for cyber security professionals. Lookout: What made you start a project like the 2017 TAG Cyber Security Annual? Dr. Amoroso: A challenging conu
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How to become cyber resilient quickly and remain in full control

Running Cyber Security Operations is crucial but difficult Successful and effective cyber security is not only about tools, but (increasingly) about the processes and people to operate those tools effectively. While organizations used to buy security tools and believed this would be sufficient, they increasingly realize that running the actual Cyber Security
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Building Trust in the Cloud: The CSO50 Security Confab + Awards

Recently, I was privileged to attend and present at the 2015 CSO50 Security Confab + Awards in Florida. This event, organized by CSO Magazine, brought together hundreds of Chief Information Security Officers and other executives from many organizations across the US. I had the chance to meet with many of the attendees to discuss their top-of-mind security co
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Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report: Strong Leadership Helps Address Security Challenges

For security strategies to succeed, security needs a seat at the table. In my work as an investigations manager for Cisco, I’ve seen first-hand how much more passion and enthusiasm enterprise leaders will put into security efforts when there is support all the way to the top of the organization.The Cisco Security Capabilities Benchmark Study, as detailed in
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CSO : Common Sense Operator/Operations

As the CSO/CISO/person responsible for Information Security, your job is to…  well … do you even know?  Does upper management know?  "Our crappy CSO <this>…" and "Our stupid CSO <that>…" are statements commonly used by various (techie) people, throw
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