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The problem with public Wi-Fi

We’ve all been there: you’re running low on data, but you’re stuck in a really long line and want to check Facebook. Maybe you’re at the airport and realized you didn’t download that eBook for the plane. Unfortunately, connecting to and using that public Wi-Fi may be jeopardize your data and privacy. Isn’t it fine if I’m only on there for a minute? When y
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The real story behind those software updates

Updating your software is sometimes an inconvenience, but it’s also necessary to keeping up your mobile security hygiene. Sometimes updates require connecting to a power source, backing up data, or temporarily losing access to an app or service while the update processes. Whatever the reason, oftentimes we see that little tally of available updates increas
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The case for not jailbreaking/rooting your device

Jailbreaking your iOS device (or rooting in the case of Android) is tempting. After all, who wouldn’t want access to a whole new world of apps, easier international travel, and more control over their phone? If you’ve felt the lure to read the latest jailbreaking/rooting tutorial and take the plunge, you’re not alone: An estimated 7.5 percent of all iPhone
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It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month! We’ve got a lot for you to learn

October is a great month — it’s finally cool outside, pumpkin-flavored food is everywhere, and it’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Bet you didn’t know that last one. We’re excited about Cybersecurity Awareness Month because, clearly, security is something we take very seriously. As the world becomes more connected, we believe security needs to be at t
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The silly things we do with our passwords

It’s hard to remember the myriad of passwords we use for our accounts online. There are a number of ways we hear of people dealing with this: writing them down on a piece of paper, using the same password across all your accounts, etc. One of the most concerning practices we’ve heard of, however, is storing your passwords in your mobile contacts. This is a
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