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To solve IoT security, look at the big picture, ARM says

The recent DDoS attacks launched from IoT devices demonstrate that the internet of things spans all parts of IT and that most companies deploying it still need a lot of help.That's the message from ARM, the chip design company behind nearly every smartphone and a big chunk of IoT, at its annual TechCon event this week in Silicon Valley.Small, low-power d
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Flaw in Intel CPUs could help attackers defeat ASLR exploit defense

A feature in Intel's Haswell CPUs can be abused to reliably defeat an anti-exploitation technology that exists in all major operating systems, researchers have found.The technique, developed by three researchers from State University of New York at Binghamton and the University of California in Riverside, can be used to bypass address space layout random
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ARM is bringing some much needed security to the Internet of Things

If you believe what the tech industry tells us, everything is coming online. From pacemakers to washing machines to street lights, all will be networked together and feeding data into the cloud. If this Internet of Things comes to pass, we're going to need a lot more security than we have today.Chip design company ARM announced plans Tuesday for a new li
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Intel sets up talking shop to improve automotive security

The dramatic hack of a Jeep Cherokee, which resulted in Fiat Chrysler Automobile recalling over one million vehicles, has also prompted Intel to take action.Security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek remotely hacked their way into the Jeep's Uconnect navigation and entertainment system via its connection to Sprint's wireless network, taking contro
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