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COVID-19 ‘Breach Bubble’ Waiting to Pop?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder for banks to trace the source of payment card data stolen from smaller, hacked online merchants. On the plus side, months of quarantine have massively decreased demand for account information that thieves buy and use to create physical counterfeit credit cards. But fraud experts say recent developments suggest both tr
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New CryCryptor Ransomware Masqueraded as COVID-19 Tracing App

Security researchers came across a new ransomware family called “CryCryptor” that masqueraded as a Canadian COVID-19 tracing app.CryCryptor emerged just days after the Canadian government announced it would support the development of a national, voluntary tracing app for COVID-19 called “COVID Alert.”That official app had not yet ente
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Coughing in the face of scammers: security tips for the 2020 tax season

In spite of everything happening in the world right now—the 2020 tax season is about to come to an end, and taxes are due. Americans got a reprieve back in March when the US Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced they were pushing back the federal income tax filing due date from April 15 to July 15, 2020. Fast forward three month
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Brits are worried about the COVID-19 tracing app

Like many other countries, the UK government has announced plans for a COVID-19 tracing app to help limit the spread of the virus. An app is currently undergoing testing on the Isle of Wight before being rolled out to the rest of the country later this year. But even before the app goes live there are concerns that the project will fail. Helping reduce local
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A new variant of the IcedID banking Trojan spreads using COVID-19 lures

Experts spotted a new version of the IcedID banking trojan that uses steganography to infect victims as part of COVID-19 themed attacks. A new version of the IcedID banking trojan was employed in COVID-19 themed attacks, the new variant uses steganography to infect victims and implements anti-detection capabilities. Researchers at Juniper Threat La
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230k+ Indonesian COVID-19 patients’ records for sale in the Darkweb

Security researchers at threat intelligence firm Cyble discovered over 230.000 Indonesian COVID-19 patients records leaked in the darknet. As part of a regular Deepweb and Darkweb monitoring activity, researchers at threat intelligence firm Cyble identified a credible threat actor who was selling the database of COVID-19 patients of Indonesia. The thre
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COVID-19 themed attacks are just a small percentage of the overall threats

Threat actors adapted their tactics to exploit the interest in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft says. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, threat actors started to actively deploy opportunistic campaigns using Coronavirus lures. Anyway, Microsoft says that malware attacks that abused the COVID-19 theme only had a temporary effect on th
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The COVID-19 Pandemic Dominates the Cybersecurity World

Cybersecurity is not a static world. You can say that it is a social system, it affects and is affected by its surrounding environment. For example, back in 2018, it was the GDPR that shook the foundations of security and privacy by making the protection of our personal data a fundamental human right. But that was then. What is shaping today’s cybersecurity?
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Norway suspends its COVID-19 contact tracing app due to privacy concerns

Norway’s health authorities announced the suspension of the design of a COVID-19 contact tracing app due to privacy concerns. In April, Norway launched its contact tracing app dubbed Smittestopp (“Infection stop”) to trace the diffusion of the COVID-19 in the country. A contact tracing app is a tool that could be used to contain new d
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A week in security (June 8 – 14)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we looked into nasty search hijackers that worried a lot of Chrome users; a list of considerations for MSPs when looking for an RMM platform; the complaint faced by ParetoLogic, the company that issues SpeedyPC, a product that claims to find and remove various PC errors; and a ransomware attack that affected car manufacturers
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COVID-19 themed attacks increase in Brazil, India, and UK

Threat actors continue to use COVID-19 lures, Google is reporting an increase in Coronavirus-themed phishing attempts in Brazil, India, and the UK. While Coronavirus spreads on a global scale, threat actors continues to use COVID-19 lures, in April Google announced that the Gmail malware scanners have blocked around 18 million phishing and malware emails
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Hackers target German Task Force for COVID-19 PPE procurement

Hackers are targeting executives of a German multinational corporation involved in the government supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) against COVID-19. Hackers are targeting executives of a German multinational corporation involved in the government supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). Threat actors are targeting executives of a Ger
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North Atlantic Council is warning of malicious cyber activities during COVID-19 pandemic

North Atlantic Council issued a statement warning of concerning malicious cyber activities against entities involved in the fight against COVID-19. A statement published by the North Atlantic Council condemns malicious cyber activities that are targeting critical entities involved in the response against the COVID-19 pandemic. Threat actors are ta
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Contact Tracing: De-mystifying How an App Designed to Track People Can Ensure User Privacy and Security

Many governments in many countries around the world recognise that contact tracing plays a very important part to reduce the spread of the deadly disease, COVID-19. In this article, we take a look at the conventional method of contact tracking and comparing it against how technology helps contact tracing and its pro’s and con’s.Traditional contact tracing is
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Cybersecurity Must be an Integral Part of any Pandemic Response Plan from Now On

Sometimes the best way to inform ourselves about how cybersecurity is dealing with a new threat, technology, or situation is to just ask. COVID-19, and the resulting lockdowns, quarantines and economic changes certainly counts as a ‘situation’ for cybersecurity.While it would be nice if cybersecurity could temporarily take a backseat while people and organiz
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