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CISSP vs. Master’s Degree – Please Take a Neutral Corner!

The UK’s designated national agency responsible for providing information and expert guidance on qualifications (UK NARIC) recently announced that the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential offered by (ISC)2 is rated RQF Level 7, thereby placing it equal to a particular level of a Master’s Degree. This declaration is not witho
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Top 10 CISSP Interview Questions

 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) holders are highly sought after in the cybersecurity space. This is because they have exhibited proficiency in all of the exam domains of competency, and also have around five years of security-related, hands-on experience.Job interviews in general can be stressful, and interview prepara
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Let’s Talk About Security Skillsets and Cyber Certifications

One of the key challenges with what we now call cyber is the shortage of relevant technical cyber skills. This is directly linked to what would seem to be an inability to recognise or accept the real scale of the cyber threat, which is, of course, playing into the hands of the criminals and hackers who are harvesting millions in revenue as a result of their
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Information and Asset Classification

IntroductionThis article will help you answer two main questions:What types of sensitive data do I need to know for the test?What types of data classifications do I need to know and how are they affected by the type of data?In essence, these questions, along with their accompanying subsections, cover a small portion of one of the CISSP CBK’s doma
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Law and Regulatory Compliance

IntroductionThis article will help you answer three main questions:1.What areas of regulatory compliance should I focus on when studying for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional /CISSP/ exam?(Systems of Law/Branches of Law)2. What types of laws should I know for the exam?(Intellectual Property/Privacy & Data Protection/Computer C
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How I Became a CISSP – A Journey to Certification

On September 26, 2016, I received my final notice of my Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) designation.My path to certification really began in 1996 when I first stepped into the computer world, but my decision to pursue certification began with a conversation that took place at NolaCon in 2015. I was chatting with a colleague there
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What You Need to Know to Pass CISSP- Domain 8

We have now reached the last article of this series with last domain on Software Development Security. You can expect many questions based on concepts of this domain.The objective of this domain is to test candidates’ knowledge of the secure software development life cycle and software acquisition strategy. Let’s start with important points
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What You Need to Know for CISSP—Domain 2

After covering CISSP Domain 1 here, this article will focus on Domain 2, which is Asset Security. This domain seems very simple but I must tell you that questions that will be coming from this domain will be tricky. Again, some of the points below may seem odd to you but they hold good for CISSP. The objective of this module is to test candidate knowle
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What You Need to Know for Passing CISSP—Domain 1

As we all know, (ISC)2 has revised the CISSP syllabus earlier this year and, much to the joy of candidates, the number of domains has been reduced. But the truth is that (ISC)2 has collated a few domains and increased the syllabus overall, which means that candidate now needs to know more to pass the CISSP exam. In this series of articles, I am going t
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25 Critical Factors to Analyze when Choosing a CISSP Boot Camp Training Course

A good training provider has a proven track record with many graduated students to prove for it. This makes sure the company is reliable and provides a quality training experience from start to finish.Look for a continuous line of awards and recognitions in the IT Training market. A good Training provider would have been noticed throughout the years an
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Certification Tracker – CISSP

Today we have launched an app that will help track resources and information related to various industry certifications. The Certification Tracker supports the following features:Meta information about the certAverage salary (data from indeed) in the US over last 12 months for jobs containing this certificationMonthly number of jobs available that list
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Four Information Security Qualifications and How They Apply in the Job Market

Although demand for cyber security professionals is exceeding supply, when it comes to finding employment there are plenty of additional qualifications that give candidates the leading edge in getting the best positions.While many universities offer a range of information technology and computer science degrees, very few actually cover the critical com
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Ramp with 5 Levels: CISSP 2015 Update: Asset Security

The CISSP 2015 Update brings new viewpoints on the key domains covered in this certification. The CISSP is already one of the broadest of all certs in that the amount of information it covers in different fields is staggering. However, breaking this down into its component domains or fields can help to chop at it bit by bit. With the new updates, each dom
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Ramp with 5 Levels: CISSP Update

When a certification exam undergoes a modification to its coverage, it can be a headache if you’re in the planning stages for sitting it. I personally had this happen to me when I was studying for my CISSP exam in late 2011/early 2012 when the structure was changed and the plan was put in place to begin Computer-Based Testing among other things.(ISC)2
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CISSP Question of the Day: Symmetric Encryption and Integrity

A new feature here, lets discuss a popular CISSP topic and review a single potential question you may see on the CISSP exam.Symmetric key cryptography is an important concept you need to know to pass the CISSP, and is a subject you should know if you are planning on doing anything related to information security in your daily job function. A common area of c
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