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Why cybersecurity spending will drive business digitization

The days of CEOs regarding data protection technologies and staff as a budget drain and operating tax that stifles innovation are over. Galvanized by high-profile breaches, companies are shelling out more money to shore up corporate defenses. CEOs also recognize that security is table stakes for building digital products and are entrusting their CISOs wi
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Security teams consulted too late on digital transformation

IT decision-makers who have responsibility for security believe security teams are brought in too late to have a meaningful effect on digital transformation initiatives, according to a new study.Dimensional Research, commissioned by by Dell, recently surveyed 631 IT decision-makers with responsibility for security from companies with 1,000 or mor
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Omni Hotels' new CIO shores up cybersecurity amid data breach

New Omni Hotels & Resorts CIO Ken Barnes is mulling how to shore up corporate defense in the wake of a cybersecurity attack that impacted 48 of its 60 hotels in North America. Barnes, who started in May, of course says he plans to improve the protection for Omni's payment processing systems. New defenses could include analytics that detect an
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IDG Contributor Network: CIOs step inside the mind of a security hacker

Does your board question the company's approach to security? It should. Understanding your opponents can help break the cyber kill chain. Think like your opponent in this multi-player game. Begin with a framework that covers policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures to ensure consistency – earn trust.Medical and healthcare breachesThe cost of a dat
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CDM Smith CIO on how tech can transform construction

LinkedInDave Neitz, CIO of $1.3 billion construction and engineering firm CDM Smith, thinks the time has come for his industry, traditionally a late adopter of technology, to transform itself through digital tech. In a recent interview with executive recruiter and CIO.com blogger Martha Heller, Neitz explained how digital transformation can help solve t
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Whaling emerges as major cybersecurity threat

A clever variant of phishing scams is proliferating among enterprises, forcing CIOs to up their game even as they are still refining their cybersecurity practices to contend with various zero-day attacks. Called whaling, the social engineering grift typically involves a hacker masquerading as a senior executive asking an employee to transfer money. Jay W
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Why CIOs to be proactive not reactive to cybersecurity threats

The greatest cyberthreat might not be a massively destabilizing attack that takes out the electrical grid or some other piece of critical infrastructure. Instead, the most significant risk could come from the accumulated damage of a constant barrage of attacks that shake the collective confidence in the Internet as a platform.So argues Rick Howard, chief
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CIO/CISO takes unorthodox route to the C-suite

Most seasoned CIOs and CISOs looking for an exit have the luxury of hiring executive search firms to find them a landing spot. But sometimes chaotic business environments force IT leaders to take matters into their own hands.Such was the case for former Time Warner Cable CISO Tammy Moskites, who along with other members of the cable company's C-suite fou
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CIOs wary of sharing cyberthreat data

Despite a new law encouraging companies to share more information about cybersecurity attacks, only 58 percent of CIOs polled say the new law would make it more likely they would cooperate with the government in the event of a data breach. The results, collected in a live audience poll at the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Network show Tuesday, suggest the U.
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Enterprise CIOs, think it's OK to ignore SMB security holes? Think again

The CIOs, IT Directors and CISOs for large companies have enough to worry about without having to take on the mountains of security holes infesting small- and medium-sized businesses around the globe. But a new report shows a direct connection between SMB security flaws and those of their Fortune 1000 neighbors.In effect, this is just a new twist to the
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IDG Contributor Network: Cloud is now a core strategy — are you onboard?

What are clouds?That's a question a child might ask, but for CIOs today, the answer centers on a completely different meaning. Top tech chiefs and company executives are trying to figure out how to use cloud technology and to what degree it should be part of their company strategy.Without a doubt, statistics show the cloud can no longer be ignored:Accord
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5 biggest cybersecurity concerns facing CIOs, CISOs in 2016

Last year began and ended with a series of high-profile cybersecurity attacks, starting with the pilfering of 80 million Social Security records at health insurer Anthem and culminating with infiltrations at Starwood, Hilton and Hyatt hotel chains. Expect digital assaults, -- ranging from standard malware to more sophisticated, clandestine entries -- to
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Cybersecurity startup hires CIO to accelerate growth

CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity startup, has hired as its first CIOColin Black, who will help scale out internal systems and processes for a threat-detection software company that has seen considerable growth. Black's appointment brings a built-in advantage that should help fortify the startup's sales pitch to corporate and government clients: He used Crowd
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CISO bets on cloud security services to protect data

In what could be considered an unusual move at a time when most companies choose to keep their cybersecurity tools on-premises, John Graham, CISO for Jabil Circuit, says the manufacturing services company is adopting more cloud security services.Graham says that moving to the cloud lets the company focus on its core business of making high-precision mold
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Retail CIOs must balance security with innovation

When Home Depot and Target experienced large-scale security breaches on payment systems in 2014, it hit those top retailers hard: Criminals stole millions of consumers’ debit and credit card data; the companies lost hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and lost sales; and their brand reputations suffered. A fear of similar breaches rippled out to the ent
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