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A week in security (January 6 – 12)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we told readers how to check the safety of websites and their related files, explored the shady behavior taking place within the billion-dollar search industry, broke down the top six ways that hackers target retail businesses, and put a spotlight on the ransomware family Phobos. We also broke a major new story when we dis
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The First Law of IoT: Things that Can Be Connected, Will Be Connected

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate on a panel discussion of Internet of Things (IoT) privacy and security at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This week, Barcelona plays host to the 2016 Mobile World Congress, where technology leaders convene to discuss what’s next in the mobile industry. Both events point to a future in which Internet-
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Living the CES security farce

Are you kidding me?I recently returned from the Consumer Electronics (CES) trade show in Las Vegas, and that question has been on my mind. The question doesn’t refer to any of the technologies vying to be the next big thing — although I do wonder how many Bluetooth controlled vibrators does one really need? No, what has me wondering is the big announceme
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Cybersecurity and CES 2016: A comedy of omissions

We’re doomed. I try not to be too much of an alarmist when it comes to information security matters, because all things considered, the situation on a global level could be a lot worse. We could all be suffering from malware –induced power grid outages like the Ukraine, or experiencing stunning invasions of privacy like the poor souls who bought Intern
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How long will consumers put up with the IoT's failures?

A recurring theme undercutting the enthusiasm surrounding the Internet of Things and smart home at CES this week has been how the shortcomings of the technology could hold back the market. How long will consumers put up with products that don't work, fail to connect to the network, or put their privacy at risk?A panel of IoT support experts speaking at C
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Lowe's to add emergency dispatch service for Iris DIY smart-home systems

Smart-home gadgets look cool, but the services connected to them may be more valuable to many owners in the long run. Home-improvement chain Lowe's plans to make more of those services available to do-it-yourselfers.By the middle of this year, owners of Lowe's Iris home gadgets will be able to buy professional monitoring, including dispatching of first r
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The big things at CES? Drones, privacy and The Internet of Things

F-Secure is back from CES — where the tech world comes together in Las Vegas to preview some of the latest innovations – some which might change our lives in the coming years, others never to be seen or heard again. Inside the over 200,000 square meter exhibit space, Drones flew, and made a fashion statement; hearing aids got smartphone apps; and 3-D p
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FTC Urges IoT Privacy, Security-by-Design at CES

In her keynote address yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith Ramirez imagined the dystopic convergence of big data conglomerates and a ceaseless information gathering machine fueled by the constant connectivity ushered in by the so-called “Internet of Things.”As the nation’s top r
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