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11 Stats on CISO Spending to Inform Your 2020 Cybersecurity Budget

The global average cost of a data breach is now $3.92 million — a 12 percent increase since 2014. Fortunately, the average cybersecurity budget is also increasing alongside breach cleanup costs. How to prioritize your budget is never a simple question. However, there’s a lot of insight to be gleaned from industry studies on how chief information secur
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Poor Management of Security Certificates and Keys Leads to Preventable Outages

Digital security certificates have become a vital part of online communications. Combining cryptography with a standardized format, they have grown from simple assertions of identity to full authentication methods. But as important as they have become, security certificates remain fallible. More Certificates, More Problems According to a Venafi study, 79 pe
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The Current State of IT Resilience

IT resilience refers to a network or system’s ability to withstand the slings and arrows of life and operations, from human error to migration failure to natural disaster. Any of these unavoidable factors can disrupt or even cripple an enterprise. As a concept, IT resilience is closely related to security. A deliberate attack is, in a sense, a predicta
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Cyber attacks and data breaches are top business continuity concerns

The Business Continuity Institute has, for the past 5 years, published a report which identifies the top business continuity concerns, as shared by a variety of organisations. In its latest such publication, known as the Horizon Scan, it determined that the largest threats to business continuity are as follows: Cyber attacks Data breaches Unplanned IT and t
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Business Continuity Management: Crisis Leadership

High-profile events such as data breaches, natural disasters and terrorist attacks are raising enterprise awareness of business continuity management (BCM). Leaders have a crucial stake in ensuring the continuity and resiliency of business operations in the face of interruptions. Unfortunately, many organizations still have not put into place the people, pro
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Cloud Strategy: Do You Have Your Cloud Exit Plan Ready?

Each day, cloud services are becoming more commoditized, with the advent of new service providers claiming to offer best-of-breed services. There is no question that the cloud promises immense benefits, but before you jump onto the cloud bandwagon or sign a contract with a cloud service provider, it is important to think about your exit plan. Cloud exit plan
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A Voice of Reason in the Midst of Chaotic Security Breaches

Amidst the daily publication of new security breaches and threats, a voice of reason can be heard through formal security-intelligence-sharing organizations. As businesses near-strive to make sense of breaking news — much of it based on tidbits of real data, overblown reactions and an apparent need to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt — organizations seek a
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Protect Your POS Environment Against Retail Data Breaches

New data breaches are frequently reported in the news. What should you be doing to protect your enterprise? We've gathered some of our most recent and frequently accessed articles and blogs in one area for one-stop access to industry-leading information from Symantec.Recently PublishedSecure Your Point-of-Sale System: News headlines have been inu
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