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Security week-in-review: Alleged DNC papers leaked in the latest whodunit

It’s hard to keep up with the hundreds of security-specific headlines published every week. So, we’re rounding up the top news that affect you, your business, and the security and technology industry overall. This week we explore Android vulnerabilities, stolen DNC data, and a serious scam against enterprises. Check back every Friday to learn about the lat
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Got $90,000? A Windows 0-Day Could Be Yours

How much would a cybercriminal, nation state or organized crime group pay for blueprints on how to exploit a serious, currently undocumented, unpatched vulnerability in all versions of Microsoft Windows? That price probably depends on the power of the exploit and what the market will bear at the time, but here’s a look at one convincing recent exploit
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Threat Recap: Week of May 16th

A lot happens in the security world and many stories get lost in the mix. In an effort to keep our readers informed and updated, we present the Webroot Threat Recap, highlighting 5 major security news stories of the week. TeslaCrypt Closing It’s Doors Here’s a bit of good ransomware news, for once. This week, it was brought to the attention of th
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Security Week-in-Review: Bug hunter wins $10K at the tender age of 10

It’s hard to keep up with the hundreds of security-specific headlines published every week. So, we’re rounding up the top news that affect you, your business, and the security and technology industry overall. This week we explore a young bug bounty hunter, the ADP breach, and the dangers of unpatched systems. Check back every Friday to learn about the late
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10-year-old gets $10,000 bounty for finding Instagram vulnerability

A 10-year-old schoolboy from Finland has become the youngest recipient of a £7,000 ($10,000) award under Facebook's bug bounty program, after he found a vulnerability that allowed anyone to delete comments on Instagram simply by planting malicious code into the photo-sharing app.Jani—who at the tender age of 10 is considered too young to use Facebook by the
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Psst: Here’s Uber’s most vulnerable code just waiting to be hacked

Over the past decade, there's been an explosion of bug bounty programs that pay hackers big cash rewards for finding vulnerabilities in applications and Web services. On Tuesday, ride-hailing service Uber became the latest company to embrace the trend with the unveiling of its own program.In most respects, the program is similar to those offered by Google, F
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Google Updates Chrome, Extends Safe Browsing to Chrome for Android

Google yesterday released an update for the Chrome browser that patches seven vulnerabilities and also updates Adobe Flash Player. It also announced that Google Safe Browsing has been extended to Chrome for Android.The Chrome browser update is the second in less than a week; on Dec 1, Chrome 47 was released and 41 vulnerabilities were patched. Yesterday
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United Airlines Slow to Patch Mobile App Vulnerability

A vulnerability reported to United Airlines that could have been exploited to manipulate flight reservations and customer data sat unpatched for almost six months before it was fixed 10 days ago.Researcher Randy Westergren found and reported an issue in United’s mobile app in May, shortly after the airline announced its bug bounty program, the first in
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This Week in Security: FBI Deputy Director Hacked, $1M iOS Jailbreak Bounty, ProtonMail Pays Ransom

Our security roundup series covers this week’s trending topics in the world of InfoSec. In this quick-read compilation, we’ll let you know of the latest news and controversies that the industry has been talking about.Here’s what you don’t want to miss from the week of November 2, 2015:The same group of teenage hackers that broke into the personal email accou
Publish At:2015-11-09 02:40 | Read:13502 | Comments:0 | Tags:This Week in Security Apple breach Bug Bounty DDoS FBI hack

US Army Experts Call for military bug bounty program AVRP

US Army Military experts urge the establishment of an Army Vulnerability Response Program (AVRP),  a sort of military bug bounty program. What happen when bug hunters have to work with high sensitive environment? An interesting post published by the Cyber Defense Review raises the discussion about the was way to handle vulnera
Publish At:2015-10-28 04:20 | Read:3141 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Cyber warfare Intelligence Security AVRP Bug B

Launching an Efficient and Cost-Effective Bug Bounty Program

Over the last few years, you’ve probably heard a lot about companies launching their own bug bounty programs. Software giants, such as Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo, as well as hardware-centric companies, such as Tesla, Samsung and even United Airlines, run programs that pay out cash for finding vulnerabilities. As these programs gain popularity, you
Publish At:2015-10-23 14:30 | Read:5290 | Comments:0 | Tags:Featured Articles Vulnerability Management Bug Bounty Bugcro

Microsoft Opens .NET Core, ASP.NET Bug Bounties

Microsoft today opened a bounty for the .NET Core and ASP.NET Beta, both of which are part of the Visual Studio development suite.The bounty will remain open through Jan. 20 and payouts will fall between $500 and $15,000 USD. Microsoft said only bugs in the .NET core runtime [CoreCLR] and beta versions of ASP.NET are eligible.“This bounty is particul
Publish At:2015-10-20 15:40 | Read:2680 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft .NET Core bounty ASP.NET Beta bounty Bounty for De

[IRCCloud] History and Another XSS Bug Bounty

Personally, I have been a user of IRC since 2004 on some private networks and some other well-known ones such as Freenode. However, it was always inconvenient to have to set up an IRC Bouncer, so when IRCCloud came around, I was excited to try it and see if it provided me with a method of staying connected to all the required networks without having to downl
Publish At:2015-10-14 11:40 | Read:3554 | Comments:0 | Tags:fuzzing infosec pentesting pentura security Software Vulnera

Fuzzing for Fun and Profit

So as you do, I was just looking around, manually fuzzing some Web Sockets requests, seeing if I could get any sort of XSS, Remote IRC Command Injection or SQLi mainly – ended up that I didn’t find much there that worse worth noting. So I started seeing if their logic was all alright, so one of their requests looked similar to: {“_reqid”:1234, “cid”:5678, “t
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$1M Bounty Announced for iOS 9 Exploits, Jailbreaks

A security firm has announced a one million dollar bounty in reward for anyone who submits exploits and jailbreaks for Apple’s iOS 9 mobile operating system.In a blog post published on Monday, Zerodium officially unveiled “The Million Dollar iOS 9 Bug Bounty”.“Apple iOS, like all operating system, is often affected by critical securit
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