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Here’s What You Missed at BSidesSF 2017

BSides is known for its collaborative and welcoming environment – something that truly sets it apart from the many other security conferences that are held these days. Today, the conference series has spread all across the world, yet its mission remains the same: to provide an open forum for infosec discussion and debate. Tony Martin-Vegue, a speaker at this
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Digging for Security Bugs in Python Code

Python is a great development language for so many reasons. Its developers enjoy huge library support. Do you want to deploy a simple web server or implement a RESTful API? There are modules for that. Capture, analyze, and visualize network traffic flow? There are simple and free modules for all of that, too.Developers using Python can create a prototype in
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BSidesSF Preview: DNS Attacks, A History and Overview

In modern times, it is possible for an attacker to persistently and repeatedly hijack a victim’s bank account at most major US banks through the victim visiting a web page. This is done without browser exploits or any visible warning. For a criminal, these attacks are cheap and highly successful.The attack that I am talking about is DNS hijacking. DNS
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What You Missed at BSidesSF 2015 – Day 2

Today was another successful day at BSidesSF, with more insightful presentations and an animated crowd ready to learn.Although there were a handful of intriguing topics to choose from, my time only permitted for a half-day of sessions.You can watch most of the videos at IronGeeks’ website, and most of the presenters announced they would make their slides ava
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An Introduction to Reverse Engineering Android Applications Training

The Android operating system has overthrown the mobile ecosystem, and has taken no prisoners. You can barely walk down the street these days, without seeing consumers completely glued to the screens of their devices. This is the age of instant, unadulterated access to the Internet, email, music and social networking. And Android has become that leading gatew
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