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BruCON 0x0B Network Post-Mortem Review

This BruCON edition (also called “0x0B”) is already over! This year, we welcomed more than 500 hackers from many countries to follow wonderful speakers and learn new stuff with practical workshops. Like the previous editions, I played with the network deployed for our attendees. Here is a short debriefing of what we did and found during the confe
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BruCON Network 0x09 Wrap-Up

BruCON 0x09 is over! It’s time to have a look at the data captured during the last Thursday and Friday. As the previous years, the setup was almost the same: An Internet pipe with a bunch of access-points, everything interconnected through a pfSense firewall. The guest network (dedicated to attendees) traffic is captured and processed by a SecurityOnio
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Debriefing the BruCON Network

The eighth BruCON edition is already over! Don’t expect a wrap-up because I just don’t have time. I’m always keeping an eye on the attendees’ bits & bytes! Based on the first feedback that I received from attendees and speakers, it was another good edition but, from a network point of view, it was harder. Indeed, the venue does no
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Five Reasons Why You Should Go To BruCON

By AlejandroHern├índez (@nitr0usmx)BruCON is one of the most important security conferences inEurope. Held each October, the ‘Bru’ in ‘BruCON’refers to Brussels, the capital of Belgium, where it all started. Nowadays,it’s held in the beautiful city of Ghent, just 55 mins from its origin. I hadthe chance to attend this year, and
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WPScan Vulnerability Database a New WordPress Security Resource

WordPress’ popularity as a content management system (44 percent of CMS market share) is matched in parallel by the number of security vulnerabilities afflicting the open source platform, as well as its versatile plug-ins and themes.It’s not unlikely that a developer may be at a loss as to the security of a particular plug-in, or the disclosure o
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