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Firefox 76 will have option to enforce HTTPS-only connections

byJohn E DunnConverting websites from HTTP to HTTPS over the last decade must count as one of the most successful quiet security upgrades ever to affect web browsing.Using an HTTPS site means that your browser and the site establish an encrypted connection which can’t be snooped on by ISPs, rogue Wi-Fi access points, or anyone else trying to monitor the cont
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Browser Guard combats privacy abuse, tracking, clickbait, and scammers

In July 2018, we introduced the Malwarebytes Browser Extension, a beta plugin for Firefox and Chrome aimed at delivering a safer, faster, and more private browsing experience. Our extension blocked tech support scams, hijackers, pop-up ads, trackers, and more to keep users secure and free from online harassment. And thanks to our loyal Malwarebytes commu
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Five Key IT Security Best Practices to Safeguard Your Expanding Business

A key theme of the recent Cybersecurity Nexus event in Washington, D.C. was the growing need for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to adopt enterprise-like IT security best practices. In fact, SMBs might actually have an edge over the unrelenting competition they endure from larger enterprises because they are more proactive and nimbler in mitigating
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Poor Management of Security Certificates and Keys Leads to Preventable Outages

Digital security certificates have become a vital part of online communications. Combining cryptography with a standardized format, they have grown from simple assertions of identity to full authentication methods. But as important as they have become, security certificates remain fallible. More Certificates, More Problems According to a Venafi study, 79 pe
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Making the Move to an All-HTTPS Network

Many website operators have wrestled with the decision to move all their web infrastructure to support HTTPS protocols. The upside is obvious: better protection and a more secure pathway between browser and server. Having a secure connection also makes it harder for cybercriminals to insert man-in-the-middle (MitM) or man-in-the-browser (MitB) attacks, and i
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Personal Security: Why you Should Update your OS & Internet Browser TODAY

  If you’re one of the people who is still stubbornly holding onto Windows XP (which stopped receiving support and security updates as of April 8, 2014), it’s time to let go. Likewise, if you’re using an outdated version of your preferred internet browser, it’s time to update. Right now. Why? In both scenarios, you’re putti
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Google Updates Chrome, Extends Safe Browsing to Chrome for Android

Google yesterday released an update for the Chrome browser that patches seven vulnerabilities and also updates Adobe Flash Player. It also announced that Google Safe Browsing has been extended to Chrome for Android.The Chrome browser update is the second in less than a week; on Dec 1, Chrome 47 was released and 41 vulnerabilities were patched. Yesterday
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Google Patches Critical Vulnerabilities in Chrome 45

Tuesday turned out to be a busy day for browser makers.The three major vendors in the space—Google; Mozilla; and Microsoft—joined arms and announced their intent to stop support for the weakened RC4 encryption algorithm starting early next year.Google, having already announced it would pause Flash-based ads in Chrome yesterday, pushed through version 45 of t
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Facebook Awards $100,000 for New Class of Vulnerabilities and Detection Tool

Facebook tonight awarded a $100,000 prize to a team of Georgia Tech researchers who found a new class of browser-based memory-corruption vulnerabilities and built a corresponding detection technique. The award brings the social media giant on par with Microsoft and its six-figure payouts for mitigation bypasses and new defensive techniques for those bypasses
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Google Patches 43 Bugs in Chrome

A new version of Google Chrome is available, and it contains patches for 43 security vulnerabilities, many of them in the high-risk category.Two of the more serious vulnerabilities fixed in Chrome 44 are a pair of universal cross-site scripting bugs. One of the flaws is in blink, the Web layout engine in Chrome. The other one is in Chrome for Android. Univer
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Searches for Pirated Content Lead to Pain and Little Gain

People love to try and get something for nothing, especially on the Internet where there’s all kinds of things available for nothing. But a lot of those free things are illegal and attackers have become very adept at taking advantage of users’ desire for free episodes of Gilmore Girls or bonus Dragon Ball Z content.Researchers at Zscaler have bee
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Mozilla Bug Bounty Payouts Going Up

After admittedly letting its bug bounty rewards get a little stagnant, Mozilla on Tuesday announced it was ready to sweeten the pot for researchers contributing vulnerabilities to the program.Raymond Forbes, an engineer at Mozilla, announced on the company’s website that payoffs were “dramatically” going up, and that variable payouts would
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Mozilla Adds Opportunistic Encryption for HTTP in Firefox 37

Mozilla has released Firefox 37, and along with the promised addition of the OneCRL certificate revocation list, the company has included a feature that enables opportunistic encryption on connections for servers that don’t support HTTPS.The new feature gives users a new defense against some forms of monitoring and doesn’t require any setup from
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Google Adds Deceptive Software to Safe Browsing API

Google is continuing to refine its Safe Browsing API and now is giving users warnings about not just malicious software on sites they’re attempting to visit, but also about unwanted software.Google’s Safe Browsing API is designed to help protect users from a variety of threats on pages across the Internet. The functionality is built into Chrome,
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Firefox 36 Arrives With Patches For Three Critical Flaws

Mozilla has patched 16 security vulnerabilities in Firefox, including three critical flaws in the browser.One of the critical vulnerabilities patched with the release of Firefox 36 is a buffer overflow in the libstagefright library that can be exploitable under some circumstances.“Security researcher Pantrombka reported a buffer overflow in the libstag
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