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Avon cosmetics suffers “cyber incident” – but was it ransomware?

byPaul DucklinGlobal direct-sales cosmetics company Avon has filed two reports with the US Securities and Exchange Commission in the past few days.The reports are known as Form 8-K filings, used to advise investors about unplanned issues affecting a listed company – all the way from the resignation of a director to failing to meet a financial obligatio
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Data thieves – ignore, slap on the wrist or jail?

I wrote yesterday about Onur Kopcak and the arguably draconian prison sentence he received for engaging in a spot of identity theft, concluding (in my own mind, if not on the screen, that he may have been treated a tad harshly). I also made reference to the fact that British data thieves seem to get off rather lightly, an impression only enhanced when I read
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Hacking Team: 5 Tips For Recovering From The Alleged Breach

Hacking Team, an Italian company that helps governments spy on its own citizens has apparently been hacked itself. As the story is such big news today I’ll let you get the details elsewhere – Graham Cluley’s article is as good a place to start as any. Instead, here are a few ideas for how the company can respond to the alleged incident: 1.
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Majority Of Data Breach Incidents Not Reported To ICO

According to ViaSat UK, a specialist security and communications company, the number of breaches of the Data Protection Act reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office only represent a tiny proportion of the actual such incidents occurring across the UK. I can’t say that I’m in the least bit surprised by that. Data pulled from Freedom of In
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