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Malvertising On Blogspot: Scams, Adult Content and Exploit Kits

We don’t really hear about it that much, but malvertising can and does target free blogging platforms as well. Just this morning, our friends at Virus Bulletin Martijn Grooten and Adrian Luca wrote about some sites hosted on Google’s Blogspot service pushing tech support scams. We also caught some malicious activity on the Blogger platform this p
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Google is bringing HTTPS to all blogspot domain blogs

Google decided to switch on default HTTPS for its free domain service provider Blogspot, the migration will be easy and transparent for the users. After WordPress also Google decided to switch on default HTTPS for its free domain service provider Blogspot. The measure will impact millions of users of the popular platform. Since September 2015 Google had intr
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HTTPS Available as Opt-In for Blogspot

Google said on Wednesday it has made HTTPS available as an opt-in for its Blogspot publishing service.Google and other technology providers have been ramping up encryption rollouts in the two years since the publication of the Snowden documents began. To date, Google has encrypted Gmail, search, Google Drive and its ad products as part of its HTTPS Everywher
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