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Ransom Gangs Emailing Victim Customers for Leverage

Some of the top ransomware gangs are deploying a new pressure tactic to push more victim organizations into paying an extortion demand: Emailing the victim’s customers and partners directly, warning that their data will be leaked to the dark web unless they can convince the victim firm to pay up. This letter is from the Clop ransomware gang, putting pr
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REvil Ransomware Gang Starts Auctioning Victim Data

The criminal group behind the REvil ransomware enterprise has begun auctioning off sensitive data stolen from companies hit by its malicious software. The move marks an escalation in tactics aimed at coercing victims to pay up — and publicly shaming those don’t. But it may also signal that ransomware purveyors are searching for new ways to profit
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Critical Security Fixes from Adobe, Microsoft

Adobe has released updates to fix dozens of┬ávulnerabilities in its Acrobat, Reader and Flash Player software. Separately, Microsoft today issued patches to plug 48 security holes in Windows and other Microsoft products. If you use Windows or Adobe products, it’s time once again to get your patches on. More than two dozen of the vulnerabilities fixed in
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U.K. Hospitals Hit in Widespread Ransomware Attack

At least 16 hospitals in the United Kingdom are being forced to divert emergency patients today after computer systems there were infected with ransomware, a type of malicious software that encrypts a victim’s documents, images, music and other files unless the victim pays for a key to unlock them. It remains unclear exactly how this ransomware strain
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Chimera Ransomware Operation Shut Down

It seems that as quickly as the Chimera ransomware surfaced, the operation has been shut down.Researchers at Bleeping Computer said Tuesday that the malware was no longer active. A number of security companies were publishing alerts about this latest strain of crypto-ransomware, which was primarily targeting users in Germany and made veiled threats of publis
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Updated Cryptowall Encrypts File Names, Mocks Victims

Cryptowall has gotten a minor, but important facelift that might make it more difficult for researchers to tear apart and for victims to recover their encrypted data without paying a ransom.Spotted two days ago, the latest update to the ransomware has begun not only encrypting data on victims’ machines, but also file names, a first according to indepen
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