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Who Is Marcus Hutchins?

In early August 2017, FBI agents in Las Vegas arrested 23-year-old British security researcher Marcus Hutchins on suspicion of authoring and/or selling “Kronos,” a strain of malware designed to steal online banking credentials. Hutchins was virtually unknown to most in the security community until May 2017 when the U.K. media revealed him as the
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Attackers Are Using High-Profile Vulnerabilities to Evade Detection

IT security teams have a finite number of hours to tackle an ever-expanding list of projects. Vulnerability management is only one of those projects and by itself could be all consuming – so, IT organizations often prioritize their vulnerability management efforts. However, recent research shows that organizations focusing only on high-profile vulnerabilitie
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Magnitude – an exploit kit par excellence

Magnitude – an exploit kit par excellence Trustwave has had sight of the inner workings and underlying infrastructure of the Magnitude exploit kit – the coming EK that is rapidly filling the gap left by Blackhole. As Blackhole declines following the arrest of its developer, Paunch, so
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