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Malware experts at ESET released a free tool for ICS Malware analysis

Security experts from ESET that spotted the Industroyer malware used against Ukraine’s power grid released a free tool for ICS Malware analysis ESET researchers Robert Lipovsky and Anton Cherepanov have released a free tool for the analysis of ICS malware. The security duo is the same that discovered the CrashOverride/Industroyer malware that targeted
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From BlackEnergy to ExPetr

Much has been written about the recent ExPetr/NotPetya/Nyetya/Petya outbreak – you can read our findings here:Schroedinger’s Pet(ya) and ExPetr is a wiper, not ransomware. As in the case of Wannacry, attribution is very difficult and finding links with previously known malware is challenging. In the case of Wannacry, Google’s Neel Mehta was
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Experts spotted Industroyer ICS Malware and linked it to Ukraine Power Outage

Researchers at antivirus firm ESET have discovered a new strain of malware, dubbed Industroyer, that appears to have been designed to target power grids. The experts published a detailed analysis of the malware, they speculated the malicious code has been involved in the December 2016 attack on an electrical substation in Ukraine. “Win32/Industroyer is
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Malware posing as Siemens PLC application is targeting ICS worldwide

Findings of the MIMICS project conducted by Dragos Threat Operations Center show a malware posing as Siemens PLC application is targeting ICS worldwide. After the disclosure of the Stuxnet case, the security industry started looking at ICS malware with increasing attention. A malware that infects an industrial control system could cause serious damages and p
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Ukraine blames Russia for new cyber attacks on its infrastructure

Ukraine blames Russia for a new wave of cyber attacks on its infrastructure, including the power grid and financial system. This week Ukraine accused Russia of cyber attacks against its critical infrastructure, including power grid and financial systems. State-sponsored hackers used a new strain of malware that targets industrial processes, the malicious cod
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2016 Christmas Ukraine power outage was caused by hackers

Ukrenergo confirmed that preliminary results of its investigation showed that the Ukraine power outage occurred in December was caused by hackers. In December 2016, the Government Ukraine energy company Ukrenergo suffered a severe power outage that affected the ”North” substation at Pivnichna. The incident caused blackouts in the city of Kiev and neighboring
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BlackEnergy Group Conducted Malware Attacks against Ukraine Banks

Researchers believe the BlackEnergy group launched malware attacks against the Ukrainian financial sector in the second half of 2016.ESET malware researcher Anton Cherepanov says the malware attacks started off with spear-phishing emails. Attached to the messages were Microsoft Excel documents containing malicious macros as an initial infection vector. Curio
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BlackEnergy hackers, now TeleBots, target Ukrainian banks

The BlackEnergy hacker group that targeted the Ukrainian grid one year ago, now identified as TeleBots, are targeting Ukrainian banks. The BlackEnergy hacker group that targeted the Ukrainian grid one year ago causing a power outage in the country are now targeting Ukrainian banks. The Ukrainian government accused Russia of being involved in the attack, but
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Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2016. Review of the year. Overall statistics for 2016

 Download Review of the year  Download Overall statistics  Download the consolidated Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2016 Introduction If they were asked to sum up 2016 in a single word, many people around the world – particularly those in Europe and the US – might choose the word ‘unpredictable’. On the face of it, the same coul
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Targeted Attack Caused “Disruption” at Nuclear Plant, Confirms IAEA Chief

The chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed a targeted attack caused “some disruption” at a nuclear power plant.Yukiya Amano, director of the IAEA, said the attack was not destructive, a term which some have used to describe the 2014 Sony hack because actors destroyed corporate data and denied employees access to some
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Experts found a government malware on the Dark Web

Experts have made a disconcerting discovery on the Dark Web, they have found a sophisticated government malware that could be used to target Energy Grids. We have discussed several times about the militarization of the cyberspace and the risks that a government malware goes out of control, what about is a powerful hacking tool is leaked online? Well, Lorenzo
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SCADA hacking – Hackers with ability to cut the power is a real threat

The Ukranian power blackout has demonstrated the worrying effects of the SCADA hacking, other countries like UK fear similar attacks. All the warnings from security experts throughout the years have unfortunately been disregarded, when it comes to the hackers’ threats in strategical spots, such as that of power generation. As a result, hackers have acted acc
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BlackEnergy infected also Ukrainian Mining and Railway Systems

Experts at Trend Micro discovered strains of BlackEnergy malware involved in the recent attacks against Ukrainian Mining and Railway Systems. BlackEnergy was in the headlines when the security industry examined the power outage occurred in Ukraine in December 2015. The BlackEnergy malware is a threat improved to target SCADA systems, the latest variant inclu
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ATP group uses Word Docs to drop BlackEnergy Malware

The APT group behind the attacks against critical infrastructure in Ukraine is spreading BlackEnergy malware through specially crafted Word documents. Malicious campaigns leveraging the BlackEnergy malware are targeting energy and ICS/SCADA companies from across the world. The threat actors behind the recent attacks based on t
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BlackEnergy APT Attacks in Ukraine employ spearphishing with Word documents

Late last year, a wave of cyber-attacks hit several critical sectors in Ukraine. Widely discussed in the media, the attacks took advantage of known BlackEnergy Trojans as well as several new modules. BlackEnergy is a Trojan that was created by a hacker known as Cr4sh. In 2007, he reportedly stopped working on it and sold the source code for an estimated $700
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