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New Shlayer Mac malware spreads via poisoned search engine results

Shlayer Mac malware is back, the Mac threat is now spreading through new black SEO operations. Researchers spotted a new version of the Shlayer Mac malware that is spreading via poisoned Google search results. Researchers at security firm Intego observed the new variant being spread masqueraded as a fake Adobe Flash Player installer (.DMG disk image) a
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Hackers poisoned Google Search results to spread Zeus Panda banking Trojan

Experts at Cisco Talos observed crooks exploiting black Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to spread the Zeus Panda banking Trojan. Threat actors behind the Zeus Panda banking Trojan leveraged black Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to propose malicious links in the search results. Crooks were focused on financial-related keyword queries. The campaign was first
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AV-TEST study sees search engine results even more poisoned with malicious links

According to a study published by the independent anti-virus testing outfit AV-TEST, the number of malicious search engine results has been increasing. The vast majority of the Internet users blindly trust data provided in response to their queries to the search engines. Actually, search engine results are increasingly poisoned with malicious links, the expe
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Scientology Seeks Captive Converts Via Google Maps, Drug Rehab Centers

Fake online reviews generated by unscrupulous marketers blanket the Internet these days. Although online review pollution isn’t exactly a hot-button consumer issue, there are plenty of cases in which phony reviews may endanger one’s life or well-being. This is the story about how searching for drug abuse treatment services online could cause conc
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Redirector.Paco, a Million-Machine Clickfraud Botnet

According to the experts at Bitdefender an HTTPS hijacking click-fraud botnet dubbed Redirector.Paco infected almost 1 million devices since now. Security experts at Bitdefender spotted a new click fraud botnet dubbed Redirector.Paco that has been around at least since September 2014 and has already infected more than 900,000 devices over the years. Crooks b
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