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AlphaBay Market, one of the largest Dark Web marketplaces is down. Is it an Exit-Scam?

The AlphaBay Market went down Tuesday night without any explanation, many users that have purchased products on the marketplace fear the Exit-Scam. The news is shocking, the AlphaBay Market, one of the largest Dark Web black markets is down. We have analyzed many times the popular black market where it was possible to buy any kind of illegal goods, including
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Funny Money: Exploring the Connection Between Bitcoin and Ransomware

After the WannaCry attack, no fewer than five threat research companies pounced on the fact that the ransomers were demanding to be paid in bitcoin. However, they completely glossed over the concept behind the malware itself. Within days, theorists came out of the woodwork to characterize the attack as some kind of subtle terrorist or government-backed opera
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xDedic Marketplace for hacked servers reappeared on Tor

Following a short disappearance, the xDedic market – the infamous ‘eBay’ of hacked servers, has made a new appearance on the Tor network. The xDedic market is still offering everyone from entry-level cybercriminals to APT groups fast, cheap and easy access to legitimate organizational servers. The domain (xdedic[.]biz) went offline following a report f
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32 Million Twitter account credentials offered for sale

A hacker is offering for sale more than 32 million Twitter account credentials with plans to sell the account details on the Dark Web. Recent news of massive data breaches suffered by IT giants LinkedIn, MySpace, Tumblr, and VK.com shocked  the security industry. Millions of login credentials are available for sale in the principal black markets, experts bel
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Hundred Million Stolen MySpace Passwords for sale in the darkweb

The hacker Peace is offering for sale hundred Million stolen MySpace Passwords on the black marketplace. This is one of the greatest leaks of ever. A few days ago a hacker with the nickname “Peace” offered for sale on the black market 117 million LinkedIn account credentials. The same hacker is offering for sale 360 million emails and passwords o
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Did you buy on AlphaBay?Someone may have accessed your info

A security vulnerability in AlphaBay, one the most popular black markets, could expose private messages and data of its users. One of the most popular black marketplaces, the AlphaBay, is affected by a serious flaw that could expose the private messages of its users. One year ago the operators behind the black market launched a fully automatic credit card sh
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Malware as a Service: As Easy As It Gets

    If you’ve ever been infected with serious malware, you may have assumed the culprit is a person sitting in the basement of their mom’s house, or a small group of people huddled in a garage somewhere. It’s really not that simple.  There’s a whole global cyber underground network that’s working diligently to make all this happen for you. It’s the
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A replica of AlphaBay market used to steal login credentials

Fraudsters operating on the AlphaBay darknet market have deployed a replica of the popular marketplace to steal login credentials from peers. Paul Mutton, security experts at Netcraft, discovered a fake version of the Alphabay Market (pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion), one of the most popular black markets hosted in the dark web. Paul Mutton speculates that fraudsters
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Tactical Surveillance Equipment, too easy to buy online

An investigation conducted by The Motherboard demonstrates that is quite easy to buy Surveillance Equipment avoiding export restrictions. Recently I wrote a post titled “Cellphone Surveillance: The Secret Arsenal” that includes interesting information about the principal cellphone surveillance equipment available o
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Former Employee tried to sell Yandex Source Code for Just $29K

A former employee at stole the source code of the Yandex Search Engine and its algorithms and tried to sell the for tens of thousands of euro. A former employee, Dmitry Korobov, of Russian search engine Yandex is accused of stealing the source code and algorithms implemented by the company. The man alleged attempted to sell th
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The senior advisor behind Silk Road has been arrested

Roger Thomas Clark the alleged mentor of Ross Ulbricht, the owner of the most popular black market Silk Road, has been arrested in Thailand. The alleged mentor of Ross Ulbricht, the owner of the most popular black market Silk Road, has been arrested in Thailand and charged with conspiring to traffic drugs and money launderin
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Prototype Nation: Emerging Innovations in Cybercriminal China

Cybercrime doesn’t wait for anything or anyone. Two years after publishing our last report on the wares and services traded in the bustling Chinese underground, we found that the market’s operations have further expanded. From traditional malware, Chinese cybercriminals are now looking toward newer innovations and technologies to boost their operations. The
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200,000 Comcast login credentials available on the Dark Web

During the weekend, nearly 590,000 Comcast email addresses and passwords were offered for sale on a BlackMarket in the dark web. It is now the turn of Comcast, over the weekend nearly 590,000 Comcast email addresses and passwords were offered for sale on a BlackMarket in the dark web. As proof of the authenticity of the Comcas
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Agora Black Market fearing Tor vulnerabilities goes down

Agora black marketplace announced Tuesday evening that it will go temporary offline fearing the exploitation of the Tor flaws recently discovered. Operators of principal black markets are concerned about the real level of anonymity offered by the Tor network after the discovery of critical vulnerabilities affecting the anonymi
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Facebook API flaw Left 1.44 Billion Users’ Identities at risk

A security flaw in the Facebook API allows hackers to decrypt and scan user IDs, nearly 1.44 billion Facebook users are at risk of identity theft. The security researcher Reza Moaiandin, Technical Director at Salt Agency, discovered a flaw in Facebook’s API that can allow hackers to scan for user ID, and that leaves abou
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