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Where 2 worlds collide: Bringing Mimikatz et al to UNIX

Presentation on Active Directory integration solutions for UNIX (as given at Black Hat Europe 2018). Over the past fifteen years there’s been an uptick in “interesting” UNIX infrastructures being integrated into customers’ existing AD forests. Whilst the threat models enabled by this should be quite familiar to anyone securing a heter
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An offensive introduction to Active Directory on UNIX

By way of an introduction to our talk at Black Hat Europe, Security Advisory EMEAR would like to share the background on our recent research into some common Active Directory integration solutions. Just as with Windows, these solutions can be utilized to join UNIX infrastructure to enterprises’ Active Directory forests. Background to Active Directory i
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Attackers Embracing Steganography to Hide Communication

Encouraged by patterns carried out on a larger scale recently, researchers believe digital steganography has arrived as a legitimate method for attackers to use when it comes to obscuring communication between command and control servers.In a presentation last week at Black Hat Europe researchers with Crowdstrike and Dell SecureWorks cited a handful of campa
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