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Bitcoin Miner [oom_reaper] targets QNAP NAS devices

Taiwanese vendor QNAP warns customers of ongoing attacks targeting their NAS devices with cryptocurrency miners. Taiwanese vendor QNAP warns customers of threat actors targeting their NAS devices with cryptocurrency miners. Upon compromising the devices, the miner will create a new process named [oom_reaper] that allows threat actors to mine Bitcoin Th
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Cyberthreats to financial organizations in 2022

First of all, we are going to analyze the forecasts we made at the end of 2020 and see how accurate they were. Then we will go through the key events of 2021 relating to attacks on financial organizations. Finally, we will make some forecasts about financial attacks in 2022. Analysis of forecasts for 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to cause a massive w
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DarkSide ransomware operators move 6.8M worth of Bitcoin after REvil shutdown

Darkside and BlackMatter ransomware operators have moved a large amount of their Bitcoin reserves after the recent shutdown of REvil’s infrastructure. The gangs behind the Darkside and BlackMatter ransomware operations have moved 107 BTC ($6.8 million) after the news of the recent shutdown of REvil’s infrastructure by law enforcement agencies
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Police take a piece out of a ransomware gang, but won’t say which one

One of the world’s ransomware groups appears to be a couple of members short today—and about two million dollars less rich—but nobody is sure which one. Police are staying tight-lipped about who’s short-handed following the arrest of two individuals in Kyiv, Ukraine. The arrests are part of a joint operation by the FBI, the French National Gendar
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If a QR code leads you to a Bitcoin ATM at a gas station, it’s a scam

Rogue QR code antics have been back in the news recently. They’re not exactly a mainstay of fakery, but they do tend to enjoy small waves of popularity as events shaped by the real world remind everyone they still exist. The most notable example where this is concerned is of course the pandemic. With the spread of Covid-19, people and organisations natura
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Thief pulls off colossal, $600m crypto-robbery …and gives the money back

The largest crypto-robbery in history is rapidly turning into the most bizarre as well. Let’s start at the beginning… In an apparent scream for mercy, 21 hours ago the Poly Network Team reached out via Twitter to “hacker(s)” that had managed to transfer roughly $600 million in digital tokens out of its control and into separate cryptocurrency
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Is crypto’s criminal rollercoaster approaching a terminal dip?

It’s a turbulent time in the cryptomining realm, especially for malware authors. Some big attacks and a lot of publicity has resulted in prolific groups promising to disband, even if potentially only temporarily. Running a tight(er) ship The mining banhammer continues to swing as China keeps putting pressure on miners to do it elsewhere. The US is tipp
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Do the Benefits of Bitcoin Outweigh the Risks?

What do Burger King and the popular “Doge” meme have in common? They both have cryptocurrencies named after their likeliness. WhopperCoin and Dogecoin are just two examples of the thousands of types of cryptocurrencies that have caught users’ attention over the past few years. Cryptocurrencies are digital tokens generated by a computer after solving complex
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Black Kingdom ransomware

Black Kingdom ransomware appeared on the scene back in 2019, but we observed some activity again in 2021. The ransomware was used by an unknown adversary for exploiting a Microsoft Exchange vulnerability (CVE-2021-27065). The complexity and sophistication of the Black Kingdom family cannot bear a comparison with other Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) or Big Ga
Publish At:2021-06-17 06:09 | Read:1108 | Comments:0 | Tags:Malware descriptions Bitcoin Encryption Malware Descriptions

DOJ recovers pipeline ransom, signals more aggressive approach to cybercrime

The US Department of Justice announced Monday that it recovered much of the ransomware payment that Colonial Pipeline paid to free itself from the attack that derailed the oil and gas supplier’s operations for several days last month. The seizure of 63.7 of the initial 75 paid bitcoins represented the first success of the Justice Department’s Ransomware a
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Token Resistance: Tackling the New NFT Threat Landscape

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are big business — but come with significant cyber- and crypto-security risk. Part of the problem is that the NFT landscape is poorly understood. They also make up part of a massively overpriced blockchain-based network that could open the door to new security threats. So, how do companies prepare for the coming storm of NFTs
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Bizarro: a banking Trojan full of nasty tricks

Researchers have discovered a new banking Trojan that has been found targeting customers of European and South American banks. They have dubbed the new Trojan Bizarro. How does Bizarro spread? The Bizarro malware spreads via Microsoft Installer (MSI) packages. Identified sources so far have been spam emails and attackers may also use social engineering
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Bitcoin down: 51% attack? No, put the blame on Elon Musk

The price of Bitcoin falls after Elon Musk declared that its company, Tesla, may have sold holdings of the cryptocurrency We have a long-debated about the possibility that the Bitcoin price could be influenced by threat actors through 51% attacks, but recent events demonstrate that it could be easier to manipulate its value. A simple Tweet from an infl
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Bitcoin scammers phish for wallet recovery codes on Twitter

We’re no strangers to the Twitter customer support DM slide scam. This is where someone watches an organisation perform customer support on Twitter, and injects themselves into the conversation at opportune moments hoping potential victims don’t notice. This is aided by imitation accounts modelled to look like the genuine organisation’s account.
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Digital Divorce: Who Gets the Airline Miles and Music Files?

Something you’ll want to know about all those movies, mp3s, eBooks, air miles, and hotel points you’ve accrued over the years: they’re digital assets that can factor into a divorce settlement.  Understandably, several factors determine the distribution of assets in a divorce. However, when it comes to dividing digital assets, divorce settlements and proceedi
Publish At:2021-04-20 14:05 | Read:1059 | Comments:0 | Tags:Consumer Family Safety Bitcoin cryptocurrency digital divorc


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