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New Mac ransomware-spyware ThiefQuest in the wild

On Monday, June 29, Intego’s research team was alerted to new Mac malware spreading in the wild via BitTorrent. At first glance, it has telltale signs of ransomware—malware designed to encrypt a user’s files and demand a ransom to recover them—but it turns out to be much more nefarious.The malware, dubbed OSX/ThiefQuest or OSX/EvilQuest and detec
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BitTorrent client Transmission found distributing Mac malware once again

It has happened again, Mac users who were looking for the BitTorrent client Transmission might have been infected by the OSX/Keydnap malware. Security experts from ESET have spotted the popular BitTorrent client called Transmission distributing Mac malware called OSX/Keydnap that is used to steal the content of OS X’s keychain and maintain a permanent backdo
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Kickass Torrents Goes Offline Following Arrest of Alleged Owner

One of the world’s largest BitTorrent distribution sites Kickass Torrents (KAT) has gone offline following the arrest of its alleged owner.On July 20, kat.cr, which is the current domain for the website, appeared to be offline, reports Gizmodo. Those loading issues surfaced the same day U.S. authorities arrested Artem Vaulin, 30, of Kharkiv, Ukraine an
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BitTorrent patched against flaw that allowed crippling DoS attacks

The maintainers of the open BitTorrent protocol for file sharing have fixed a vulnerability that allowed lone attackers with only modest resources to take down large sites using a new form of denial-of-service attack.Further ReadingHow BitTorrent could let lone DDoS attackers bring down big sitesuTorrent, Mainline, and Vuze most susceptible to DoS abuse,
Publish At:2015-08-27 23:05 | Read:4617 | Comments:0 | Tags:Risk Assessment Technology Lab attacks BItTorrent distribute

Exploiting BitTorrent flaws to run Distributed Reflective DDoS

Security researchers discovered a new technique to exploit BitTorrent to run powerful DDoS amplification attacks that could bring down great websites. A weaknesses in the open BitTorrent protocol makes some of the most widely used BitTorrent applications, including uTorrent, Mainline, and Vuze vulnerable to a form of denial of
Publish At:2015-08-17 20:35 | Read:4584 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking amplification DDoS attack BitTorrent D

Using BitTorrent Vulnerabilities to Launch Distributed Reflective DoS Attacks

Researchers warn that several protocols used by the peer-to-peer file sharing service BitTorrent, including a handful of clients that run the protocol, can be leveraged to carry out distributed reflective denial of service (DRDoS) attacks.Distributed reflective denial of service, or DRDoS attacks, occur when attackers send an overwhelming amount of traffic t
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How BitTorrent could let lone DDoS attackers bring down big sites

Some of the most widely used BitTorrent applications, including uTorrent, Mainline, and Vuze are also the most vulnerable to a newly discovered form of denial of service attack that makes it easy for a single person to bring down large sites.The distributed reflective DoS (DRDoS) attacks exploit weaknesses found in the open BitTorrent protocol, which mil
Publish At:2015-08-16 23:00 | Read:4061 | Comments:0 | Tags:Law & Disorder Risk Assessment Technology Lab amplification

A severe arbitrary code execution in BitTorrent Sync affects various products

A security expert has discovered a severe vulnerability in BitTorrent Sync that can be exploited by a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable machine. The security expert Andrea Micalizzi, also known as “rgod,”, has discovered a serious vulnerability in BitTorrent Sync (CVE-2015-2846) can be exploited by a re
Publish At:2015-04-07 18:25 | Read:3674 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking arbitrary code execution BitTorrent Bi

BEWARE! μTorrent Silently Installing Bitcoin Mining Software

If you have recently installed or updated the popular BitTorrent client μTorrent 3.4.2 Build 28913 on your computer, then you read this warning post right now.Users of the μTorrent file-sharing service are complaining that the latest update of software used for torrent downloading is silently installing a piece of unwanted software called EpicScale, which
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MegaNet — New Decentralized, Non-IP Based and Encrypted Network

The Famous Internet entrepreneur and former hacker Kim Dotcom, who introduced legendary Megaupload and MEGA file sharing services to the World, has came up with another crazy idea — To start his very own Internet that uses the "blockchain".Just last month, Kim Dotcom, a German millionaire formerly known as Kim Schmitz, launched the public beta of its
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BitTorrent Invites Sony to Release 'The Interview' Movie On Its Paid Service

Sony was forced to pull the cinema release of "The Interview," scheduled for Christmas day, after hacker group Guardians of Peace (GOP) threatened to attack any theater that decided to show the film. But the studio will release the controversial North Korean-baiting film via different alternatives.HACKERS WARNED OF TERROR ATTACKThe massive hacking attack aga
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BitTorrent Unveiled New Decentralized "Bleep" Instant Messenger

Pretty good news for privacy-oriented people! BitTorrent unwraps its new instant messaging program that doesn’t store your metadata and helps you with encrypted communication to keep your online conversations private, whether its voice or text communications.BitTorrent named its Online chat service as "Bleep", a decentralised peer-to-peer voice and tex
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