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Please don’t buy this: smart doorbells

Though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, the two shopping holidays were just precursors to the larger Christmas season—a time of year when online packages pile high on doorsteps and front porches around the world. According to some companies, it’s only logical to want to protect these packages from theft, and wouldn’t it just so happen that t
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Flaw in Linux.Encoder1 ransomware reveals the decryption key

Experts at Bitdefender have discovered a flaw in Linux Encryption Ransomware Linux.Encoder1 that exposes the decryption Key used to lock the files. Last week security experts at Russian antivirus firm Doctor Web reported the discovery of a new Linux ransomware dubbed Linux.Encoder1 that is targeting Linux systems. It has been
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Malware Capable of Bypassing CAPTCHA Systems Found in Google Play

Security researchers have spotted a sophisticated type of malware that is capable of bypassing CAPTCHA authentication systems in the Google Play Store.According to a blog post written by Bitdefender security researcher Liviu Arsene, the malware, which has been identified as Android.Trojan.MKero.A, seems to have somehow found its way into legitimate apps host
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Attacker Demands $15,000 Ransom for Stolen Customer Credentials

A cybercriminal going by the name DetoxRansome claims to have stolen some of the login credentials of Bitdefender’s users and threatened to release the details if $15,000 is not paid as ransom. The attacker told Forbes that all information, including passwords and usernames, was unencrypted. The antivirus software provider Bitdefender confirmed that cu
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Bitdefender Hacked, customer data being sold In the underground

Antivirus firms BitDefender has been hacked and data belonging to its customer have been leaked online. Hackers requested a $15,000 ransomware. Hackers are raising the bar, one of the most popular Antivirus firms BitDefender has been hacked and data belonging to its customer have been leaked online. The data breach hig
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Crooks use seemingly harmless help files to serve CryptoWall ransomware

Experts at Bitdefender revealed that crooks used seemingly harmless help files to distribute a variant of the popular ransomware CryptoWall. The cybercrime never ceases to surprise, every time we discuss a new and effective technique to deceive victims and evade detection mechanisms. Security experts at Bitdefender have discov
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Bitdefender a good antivirus for Linux systems

Despite the fact that many might consider Linux as being one of the most secure platforms when it comes to fighting against viruses, the reality is that having a security application for your Linux based computer is very important. The BitDefender Antivirus Scanner for Unices has been created specifically to protect all persons that run FreeBSD as well as L
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Spam campaign relies on macros embedded in empty Word documents

Experts at Bitdefender have discovered a spam campaign that tricks antispam filters by relying on macros in Empty Word Documents. Security experts at BitDefender observed a new tactic adopted by spammers that rely on emails with an empty Word document in the attachment to bypass anti-spam filters. The social engineering strate
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Smartwatch Hacked, how to access data exchanged with Smartphone

Security experts at BitDefender demonstrated how is possible to access data exchanged between a smartwatch and a smartphone via Bluetooth. The paradigm of Internet of Things is influencing modern society and the way it approaches the technology in everyday life. An impressive amount of Intelligent devices surround us, but of
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Facebook scams – Top 5 categories identified by a 2-year study

A two-year study conducted by researchers at Bitdefender analyzed more than 850000 Facebook scams identifying the most popular frauds. Experts at Bitdefender antivirus software provider have conducted a two-year study on the way crime exploit the popular social network Facebook, the analysis examines nearly 850,000 Facebook sc
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Russian Hackers disguise Kelihos bot as Anti-Government Software

Russian Hackers are spreading the Kelihos Trojan leading victims into believing that it is a software to hit Western Governments. Kelihos botnet is still active and exploited by the cybercrime ecosystem to monetize its effort as discovered by security experts at Bitdefender. Cyber criminals have a single purpose, to earn money
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