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Will the Future of Authentication Run Into a Privacy Wall?

Identity authentication is absolutely necessary to conducting our affairs today. Without it, we would lose virtually all confidence to conduct business or create and foster relationships. But with ever increasing concerns related to data privacy, it is worth looking at the past to see what future challenges we may face in the digital identity space. From Jew
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Preparing for the iPhone X and the Future of Facial Recognition Technology

As we approach the holiday season, both consumers and IT professionals are considering replacing their old devices with a whole new lineup of smartphones, phablets and tablets. Whether you’re treating yourself, adding to your wish list or considering options for your next enterprise rollout, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of introducin
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Shakespeare, the Wizard of Oz and Multifactor Authentication

In 1601, William Shakespeare wrote a comedy called “Twelfth Night.” The story is about a pair of twins with identity issues. To illustrate that the characters share similar thoughts, Shakespeare wrote, “My purpose is, indeed, a horse of that color.” For many decades, a horse of the same color was analogous to similar thoughts or plans
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Two-Factor Authentication: A Little Goes a Long Way

Despite the security industry’s best efforts to educate users about the weaknesses of password authentication, awareness remains frustratingly low. Keeper Security recently analyzed 10 million compromised accounts and found that just 25 passwords made up more than half of the list. Nearly 17 percent of users were guarding their accounts with the passwo
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Hacked by a Kid?! A Story to Illustrate the State of Authentication Today

You may have seen the recent headlines covering the story of a snoozing mother who, while taking a nap on the couch, was innocently hacked by her 6-year-old. The child purchased $250 worth of toys on Amazon using her mother’s fingerprint for authentication. What an ingenious young one indeed! Humorous as this story may be, it points out one of the many
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Too Many Passwords: Is the End in Sight?

Since passwords are a shared secret between a user and a system, a threat vector exists at both the client and the service provider. Experts have declared for years that the password alone was never considered a long-term solution for securely identifying a user, according to CNET. End users are finding it increasingly difficult to protect their passwords fr
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Security Starts With People: Know Who They Are, Know What They Do

Each day, in every corporation, school, government organization and nonprofit, people are generating great value for the economy by creating, manipulating and interacting with precious information. In fact, much of the value in today’s economy is created and stored digitally, from intellectual property, trade secrets and customer lists to the actual do
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Getting Rid of the Password: Smartphones to the Rescue

The war on password use has been waging on for some time now. Passwords are a relic of the days when computers were stand-alone boxes and hardly ever networked; the damage of a bad login was limited to one account at one location. But a networked computer can do far more damage. FIDO Takes a Stab The FIDO Alliance was one of the first organizations to experi
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Your Evolving Digital Life: The Need for More Secure Authentication

This week marks the fourth of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), which is held every October in an effort to engage and educate the public about issues surrounding cybersecurity. The theme of week four is “Your evolving digital life.” One of the main security controls that is poised to ease security concerns in the future is the use
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Authentication: The Enterprise’s Weakest Link

Authentication is a weak link in any enterprise security solution, primarily because it relies heavily on how people use it. It’s also one of the most important factors, and any flaws can lead to significant issues and costly cyberattacks. As just one example, earlier this year the IBM-discovered Dyre Wolf campaign stole over $1 million from targeted e
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Can Selfies Be the Next Multifactor Authentication Method?

Earlier this summer, MasterCard announced a new multifactor authentication option for its cardholders: the selfie. Customers will soon be able to incorporate a selfie and facial recognition software into their accounts. The pilot program starts in the fall and will incorporate fingerprint scanning as well as facial recognition. Users will need to download an
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Momentum Picks Up for Biometric Security in the Financial Sector

The overall market for biometric security is expected to reach $13.8 billion in 2015, according to ABI Research. While the government still accounts for most of the spending, it will be surpassed by company and consumer spending in 2018. Among the reasons for this growth are increased accuracy and growing consumer acceptance of the use of biometrics. Biometr
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Hacker Finds a Simple Way to Fool IRIS Biometric Security Systems

Biometric security systems that involve person's unique identification (ID), such as Retinal, IRIS, Fingerprint or DNA, are still evolving to change our lives for the better even though the biometric scanning technology still has many concerns such as information privacy, and physical privacy.In past years, Fingerprint security system, which is widely used
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