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Protecting Fleet Data from Security Threats

Big data is revolutionizing fleet management — specifically in the form of telematics.From engine diagnostics that track fuel efficiency and mileage to sensors that detect aggressive driving behavior and interior vehicle activity, this information is so valuable that we’re quickly approaching the point where connected technology will come standard in every v
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Thanks to Big Data, Threat Detection in Real Time

Endpoints have traditionally proven to be the Achilles heel of any corporate network’s security. Protecting them is vital to any security strategy. The MO of traditional antivirus solutions is to classify software using black-and-white lists. But this is not enough, as threats continue to find new ways to wriggle their way into our systems. Modern times, new
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Big Data Control Frameworks: Have Your Data and Control It Too

One of the fundamental requirements for big data users is big data control. Failure to properly store, audit and maintain data chain of custody undermines our individual and collective privacy. This failure also may be at odds with federal law and policy. Without data control, there is no data compliance. Fortunately, there is a host of big data analytics
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Industry 4.0 Drives a New Era of Mainframe Security

During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last year, Industry 4.0 was the main topic of discussion. It was dubbed the fourth industrial revolution, a new technological vision for the entire IT world in which mainframe security plays a crucial role. In this world, the mainframe contains roughly 75 percent of enterprise data and 65 percent of act
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Businesses Are Using Big Data Security to Combat DDoS Attacks

This week, ransomware has taken the spotlight. And with good reason. But let’s take a break from the fever of WannaCry, which shook the world of cybersecurity last Friday, to remind ourselves that there are plenty of other threats on the horizon that we would do well to keep in mind. One of which, still dangerous as ever, is the famous DDoS attack. Late last
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How IoT Data Analytics Will Give Businesses a Competitive Edge

According to McKinsey & Company, the potential economic impact of the IoT could reach $11 trillion per year in 2025, which is equivalent to around 11 percent of the world economy. Making that a reality will depend on the widespread use of Internet of Things (IoT) data analytics. Security analysts must ensure that devices are not just managed and monito
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The Future of Cybersecurity

You can’t discuss the future of cybersecurity without considering emerging trends in technology and threat landscapes. As organizations develop and adopt technologies related to big data, cognitive computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), cyberthreats are growing in both volume and complexity. The race is on to secure these systems and devices befor
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User Behavior Analytics: Perfect for Analysis but Not Security

How many times have you read or heard about user behavior analytics (UBA)? Today this term applies to security managers and auditors but not to security administrators. User behavior analytics enable IT teams to track and quickly analyze user behavior anomalies and monitor watch-lists, trends and many other factors relative to users. UBA is a useful tool for
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Big Data Solutions Make Big Targets

Big data has become a critical business tool and a transformative force for enterprises across multiple industries and geographies. Vast amounts of data are now organized, available and ready to be analyzed, leading to advanced tactics and strategies that were previously impossible. But prior to adopting a big data and analytics solution, business leaders sh
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Takeaways from the 2017 PwC Global State of Information Security Survey

Organizations around the world are taking a more innovative approach to managing threats in today’s digital era, reveals the 19th annual Global State of Information Security Survey (GSISS).This year’s study – produced by PwC in conjunction with CIO and CSO – includes the responses of more than 10,000 business and IT security executives from over 130 countrie
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IDG Contributor Network: How businesses address death, privacy and data quality

I recently received a reminder from a social network to reach out to one of my friends. I’d love to do that, but the friend has been dead for many years, making the task very difficult. The reminder did get me to thinking about how we, as a business community, should consider treating personal information when we learn someone has passed on.The data qual
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Half of US adults are profiled in police facial recognition databases

Photographs of nearly half of all U.S. adults -- 117 million people -- are collected in police facial recognition databases across the country with little regulation over how the networks are searched and used, according to a new study.Along with a lack of regulation, critics question the accuracy of facial recognition algorithms. Meanwhile, state, city,
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Meet Apache Spot, a new open source project for cybersecurity

Hard on the heels of the discovery of the largest known data breach in history, Cloudera and Intel on Wednesday announced that they've donated a new open source project to the Apache Software Foundation with a focus on using big data analytics and machine learning for cybersecurity.Originally created by Intel and launched as the Open Network Insight (ONI
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Got big data? Check out these 100 best practices for keeping it secure

Big data is best known for its volume, variety, and velocity -- collectively referred to as the "3 Vs" -- and all three of those traits make security an elusive goal. Targeting companies grappling with that challenge, the Cloud Security Alliance on Friday released a new report offering 100 best practices.As its name would suggest, the CSA focuses on prom
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A new algorithm can hide messages in your favorite dance music

It's long been known that secret messages can be included in music through techniques such as backmasking, but now a Polish researcher has developed an entirely new approach. By subtly varying the tempo of a particular type of dance music, he's managed to encode information in a way that's completely inaudible to human listeners.StegIbiza is an a
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