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Three Security Best Practices for the Modern Era

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), making it the perfect time to revamp outdated policies and procedures that may be keeping your security stuck in the 20th century. Here are three things that enterprises can immediately implement to improve their cybersecurity posture. These security best practices won’t put a major dent in yo
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Green Energy: Do Renewable Resources Demand New Cybersecurity Best Practices?

Green energy is on the rise. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), global dependence on renewable energy sources has increased steadily over the last few years. But as existing power producers and new players make the switch to solar-, wind- and water-powered alternatives, what happens to existing network borders? Are renewable resources the ha
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Hacking a Tesla Model S: What we found and what we learned

With connected automobiles, the stakes for getting security right have never been higher. “What’s the worst that could happen?” is a lot more serious when you’re talking about a computer that can travel 100+ MPH. When an industry without experience in Internet security starts connecting things to the Internet, it typically makes a number of mistakes both in
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The new assembly line: 3 best practices for building (secure) connected cars

Connected cars about to change the auto industry’s assembly line. Vehicles are becoming computers on wheels and now have more in common with your laptop than they do the Model T. Just as smartphones have supplanted non-Internet-connected phones, connected cars will supplant non-Internet-connected cars. Auto manufacturers need to become software companies if
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The grim reaper approaches for Windows Server 2003

Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 has its Windows XP moment coming very soon, and that’s bad news for IT leaders who have been dragging their feet.The company will end extended support for the 12-year-old operating system on July 14. That will leave users without security patches and other updates for any applications still running on the OS, which went out to
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Improving Your Security Awareness Campaigns: Examples From Behavioral Science

How effective are current security awareness campaigns? According to recent research, not very. A 2014 Google study of phishing activity via Google forms found success rates ranging from 45 percent for well-crafted forms all the way down to 3 percent for poorly worded forms that should have never fooled anyone. Alan Paller, director of research at the SANS I
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Sooner or Later You’ll Get Hacked and Hire a CISO

In this week’s SecurityWeek Article, Core president and CEO Mark Hatton explains why companies should be proactive when it comes to security.I always thought the marketing campaign for AAA was genius; sooner or later you’ll breakdown and join AAA. A few wise individuals will hand over the cash when they proactively decide to curb their risk, and the rest wil
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Why Website Reinfections Happen

I joined Sucuri a little over a month ago. My job is actually as a Social Media Specialist, but we have this process where regardless of your job you have to learn what website infections look like and more importantly, how to clean them. It’s this idea that regardless of you are you must always know the foundation that makes this company work. After a
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BEST Practices for a Secure Android Phone

What does smartphone security even mean? It could mean that deleted data remains unrecoverable. If that is your definition of security, the Blackberry 10 phones might be a good choice. But perhaps security refers to the fact that no unauthorized person can get into your phone and access your data. For that, the NSA and FBI might recommend the iPhone.Whateve
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Security Breach Attacks On Industrial Computers

All too often, network or security administrators only often focus on the security of regular computers, servers, and networks because these often contain sensitive information. By contrast, industrial computers tend to be overlooked when it comes to security. They are often regarded as mere workhorses, running a few core functions, without much sensitive i
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Don’t Give Up on the Cloud Just Yet: How to Secure Your Digital Information

With the recent hacking of iCloud and the release of nude photos of celebrities, everyone is more concerned than ever about cloud security. A lot of people started asking, if this can happen to famous people with enough money to protect themselves, what hope is there for all the normal people out there? However, celebrities have the same way of thinking whe
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