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This Week in Security: Health Insurer Breached, Attacks on DOE, McAfee for President

Our security roundup series covers the week’s trending topics in the world of InfoSec. In this quick-read compilation, we’ll let you know of the latest news and controversies that the industry has been talking about recently.Here’s what you don’t want to miss from the week of September 7, 2015:Source: GemaltoAccording to digital security firm Gemalto, its la
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Winning the Online Banking War

Detecting banking malware has become part and parcel of the security industry, so cybercriminals are continuously looking to gain the upper hand in the battle against the financial industry and security vendors. In the BlackHat presentation Winning the Online Banking War last August 5, Sean Park proposed the use of a new online banking security framework for
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Five Arrested in Zeus, SpyEye Group Takedown

Authorities in six different countries worked together to take down a cybercrime ring which ultimately infected tens of thousands of computers with Zeus and SpyEye malware and made off with roughly $2.25 million from banks in the process.Europol and Eurojust joined forces to take down the group, based largely in Ukraine, that was believed to have been develo
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Europol arrested members of a gang behind Zeus And SpyEye

The law enforcement agencies from six European countries coordinated by the Europol have arrested members of a Ukrainian ring behind Zeus and SpyEye botnets. The law enforcement agencies from six European countries have dealt a serious blow to the organized crime by taking down a Ukrainian ring suspected of developing managing
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Vawtrak Uses Tor2Web making hard to track down its servers

Security experts at Fortinet uncovered a new strain of the Vawtrak banking Trojan is implementing an obscuring mechanism based on the Tor2Web service. The authors of the banking Trojan Vawtrak are adopting a new tactic to hide the traffic to its servers,  they are exploiting  the Tor2Web service to masquerade malicious connect
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Dyre Wolf Banking Malware Stole More Than $1 Million

Security researchers have uncovered an active cyber attack campaign that has successfully stolen more than $1 Million from a variety of targeted enterprise organizations using spear phishing emails, malware and social engineering tricks.The campaign, dubbed "The Dyre Wolf" by researchers from IBM's Security Intelligence division, targets businesses and org
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Eastern European Cyber-gang manages a new Dyre Wolf campaign

Security experts from IBM discovered a very sophisticated malware campaign based on the Dyre Trojan to hack Corporate Bank Accounts. IBM has uncovered an important cyber criminal operation dubbed The Dyre Wolf due to the name of the popular Dyre malware used crooks. The Dyre malware was discovered in the wild by several securi
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Latest Dridex Campaign Evades Detection with AutoClose Function

Pushers of the Dridex banking malware have gone old-school for some time now, moving the malware through phishing messages executed by macros in Microsoft Office documents.While macros are disabled by default since the release of Office 2007, the malware includes somewhat convincing social engineering that urges the user to enable macros—with directions incl
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Dridex Banking Trojan Spreading Via Macros in XML Files

Not long ago, criminals pushing the Dridex banking Trojan were using Microsoft Excel documents spiked with a malicious macro as a phishing lure to entice victims to load the malware onto their machines.Even though macros are disabled by default inside most organizations, the persistent hackers are still at it, this time using XML files as a lure. Research
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A $ 3million reward on kingpin behind the GameOver Zeus botnet

The US Justice Department offers $3 million reward for the arrest of GameOver ZeuS kingpin. The botnet was involved in financial frauds on a large-scale. The Justice Department has announced a reward of up to $3 million for the capture of the GameOver ZeuS botnet master. The malicious botnet was used by “a tightly knit g
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Banking Malware VAWTRAK Now Uses Malicious Macros, Abuses Windows PowerShell

Last year we saw how the Windows PowerShell® command shell was involved in spreading ROVNIX via malicious macro downloaders. Though the attack seen in November did not directly abuse the PowerShell feature, we’re now seeing the banking malware VAWTRAK abuse this Windows feature, while also employing malicious macros in Microsoft Word. The banking malwa
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Hackers Stole $300 Million from 100 Banks Using Malware

Despite increased online and mobile banking security, banks are more often being targeted by hackers. A hacker group has infiltrated a number of banks and financial institutions in several countries, stealing hundreds of Millions of dollars in possibly the biggest bank heist the world has ever seen.According to a report published by the New York Times on S
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New DYRE Variant Hijacks Microsoft Outlook, Expands Targeted Banks

The DYRE/Dyreza banking malware is back with a new infection technique: we observed that it now hijacks Microsoft Outlook to spread the notorious UPATRE malware to target an expanded list of targeted banks. Last October 2014 we observed a hike in UPATRE-DYRE malware infections brought by the CUTWAIL spambot, a pattern we observed was similar to the propagati
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Dridex Banking Trojan Spreading Via Office Macros

The left-for-dead Office macro has apparently made a comeback with cybercriminals who have found them to be a good hiding place for banking malware.Recently, Microsoft reported a spike in the use of macros in hacking campaigns, peaking in mid-December. This has been corroborated by researchers at Trustwave who today said they’re seeing spam campaigns i
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Upatre Downloader Spreading Dyreza Banking Trojan

The Upatre downloader is the vehicle that has driven numerous banking Trojan and ransomware attacks to the front door of countless victims at great cost.Microsoft on Thursday warned of a wire-transfer spam campaign that it’s spotted that is spreading Upatre and eventually loading the dangerous Dyreza banking Trojan. Not only has Dyreza been implicated
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