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CSE Malware ZLab – Full report of Bad Rabbit attack

The researchers at CSE Cybsec ZLab have completed their analysis the Bad Rabbit ransomware, the report follows our preliminary analysis. Introduction Recently a new ransomware, called BadRabbit, infected systems in many countries, most of in East Europe, such as Ukraine and Russia. The malware was not totally new, it seems to be an evolution of the old NotPe
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Documents encrypted by Bad Rabbit ransomware could be recovered without paying ransom

Files Encrypted by Bad Rabbit Recoverable Without Paying Ransom. Some victims of the recent Bad Rabbit attack may be able to recover their files encrypted by the ransomware without paying the ransom. The discovery was made by researchers at Kaspersky Lab that analyzed the encryption functionality implemented by the ransomware. Once the ransomware infects a
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Bad Rabbit Ransomware leverages the NSA Exploit for lateral movements

Malware researchers at Cisco Talos team discovered the Bad Rabbit Ransomware leverages EternalRomance to propagate in the network. New precious details emerge from the analysis of malware researchers at Cisco Talos and F-Secure who respectively discovered and confirmed the presence an NSA exploit in the Bad Rabbit ransomware. On October 24, hundreds of organ
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CSE Malware ZLab – Preliminary analysis of Bad Rabbit attack

We at the CSE Cybsec ZLab have conducted a preliminary analysis of the Bad Rabbit ransomware discovering an interesting aspect of the attack. This is just the beginning of a complete report that we will release in the net days, but we believe our findings can be useful for the security community. This malware remembers the notorious NotPetya basically for tw
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