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IT threat evolution in Q2 2021. PC statistics

These statistics are based on detection verdicts of Kaspersky products received from users who consented to providing statistical data. Quarterly figures According to Kaspersky Security Network, in Q2 2021: Kaspersky solutions blocked 1,686,025,551 attacks from online resources across the globe. Web antivirus recognized 675,832,360 unique URLs as malicious.
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Hackers spread backdoor after compromising the Mongolian CA MonPass

Threat actors compromised the servers of Mongolian certificate authority (CA) MonPass and used its website to spread malware. Hackers compromised the servers of the Mongolian certificate authority (CA) MonPass and used its website to spread malware, reported Avast researchers. According to the experts, the security breach took place at least six months ag
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Andariel evolves to target South Korea with ransomware

Executive summary In April 2021, we observed a suspicious Word document with a Korean file name and decoy. It revealed a novel infection scheme and an unfamiliar payload. While we were doing our research into these findings, Malwarebytes published a nice report with technical details about the same series of attacks, which they attributed to the Lazarus grou
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SEO poisoning campaign aims at delivering RAT, Microsoft warns

Microsoft spotted a series of attacks that use SEO poisoning to deliver a remote access trojan (RAT) used by threat actors to steal sensitive data. Microsoft is monitoring a wave of cyber attacks that leverages SEO poisoning to deliver a remote access trojan (RAT) to steal sensitive data from the infected systems Microsoft 365 Defender data shows that
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BackdoorDiplomacy APT targets diplomats from Africa and the Middle East

ESET researchers discovered an advanced persistent threat (APT) group, tracked as BackdoorDiplomacy, that is targeting diplomats across Africa and the Middle East.  ESET researchers spotted a new state-sponsored group, dubbed BackdoorDiplomacy, that was behind a series of cyberattacks against Ministries of Foreign Affairs aimed at numerous Afric
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Kimsuky APT continues to target South Korean government using AppleSeed backdoor

This blog post was authored by Hossein Jazi. The Kimsuky APT—also known as Thallium, Black Banshee, and Velvet Chollima—is a North Korean threat actor that has been active since 2012. The group conducts cyber espionage operations to target government entities mainly in South Korea. On December 2020, KISA (Korean Internet & Security Agency) provided a
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Facefish Backdoor delivers rootkits to Linux x64 systems

Qihoo 360 NETLAB spotted a new backdoor dubbed Facefish that could allow attackers to take over Linux systems and steal sensitive data. Cybersecurity experts from Qihoo 360 NETLAB published details about a new backdoor, dubbed Facefish, which can be used by threat actors to steal login credentials and executing arbitrary commands on Linux systems. The
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Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2020-2021. EU statistics

All statistics in this report are from the global cloud service Kaspersky Security Network (KSN), which receives information from components in our security solutions. The data was obtained from users who have given their consent to it being sent to KSN. Millions of Kaspersky users around the globe assist us in this endeavor to collect information about mali
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Bizarro banking Trojan expands its attacks to Europe

Bizarro is yet another banking Trojan family originating from Brazil that is now found in other regions of the world. We have seen users being targeted in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. Attempts have now been made to steal credentials from customers of 70 banks from different European and South American countries. Following in the footsteps of Tetrade, B
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UNC2529, a new sophisticated cybercrime gang that targets U.S. orgs with 3 malware

A new cybercrime gang, tracked as UNC2529, has targeted many organizations in the US and other countries using new sophisticated malware. A new financially motivated threat actor, tracked by FireEye Experts as UNC2529, has targeted many organizations in the United States and other countries using several new pieces of malware. The group targeted the or
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Signal app insists it’s so private it can’t provide subpoenaed call data

Signal—the private, end-to-end encrypted messaging app that surged in popularity in recent months—once again reminded criminal investigators that it could not fully comply with a legal request for user records and communications because of what it asserts as a simple, unchanging fact: The records do not exist on Signal’s servers. This is at least the seco
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PHP web language narrowly avoids “backdoor” supply chain attack

byPaul DucklinOpen source web programming language PHP narrowly avoided a potentially dangerous supply chain attack over the weekend.Technically, in fact, you could say that the “attack” was successful, given that imposters were apparently able to make to make the same source code change on two separate occasions:Code change in Trojanised ext/zli
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XcodeSpy Mac malware targets Xcode Developers with a backdoor

Unknown threat actors have been using a new XcodeSpy Mac malware to target software developers who use Apple’s Xcode integrated development environment. Researchers at SentinelOne uncovered a series of attacks involving a new XcodeSpy used to deliver a custom variant of a backdoor tracked as EggShell. The EggShell allows threat actors to spy on users, cap
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SUPERNOVA backdoor that emerged after SolarWinds hack is likely linked to Chinese actors

Supernova malware clues link Chinese threat group Spiral to SolarWinds server hacks Supernova malware spotted on compromised SolarWinds Orion installs exposed on the Internets is likely linked to a China-linked espionage group. Researchers at Secureworks’ counter threat unit (CTU) were investigating the exploit of SolarWinds servers to deploy the
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Microsoft: North Korea-linked Zinc APT targets security experts

Microsoft, like Google TAG, observed a cyber espionage campaign aimed at vulnerability researchers that attributed to North Korea-linked Zinc APT group. Researchers from Microsoft monitored a cyber espionage campaign aimed at vulnerability researchers and attributed the attacks to North Korea-linked Zinc APT group. “In recent months, Microsoft ha
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