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Experts spotted a 2007 variant of Babar, the spyware allegedly used by French Intelligence

Malware researchers at Palo Alto Networks have spotted a 2007 variant of Babar, a strain of malware likely designed by the French Intelligence. In March 2015, researchers detected Babar for the first time, analysis led them into believing it was a product of the French intelligence. According to the experts, Babar malware was used by the General Directorate
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Morgan Marquis-Boire on Babar and Casper malware

Citizen Lab Senior Researcher Morgan Marquis-Boire contributed to research related to Babar, a piece of malware believed to have been produced by the French government. Marquis-Boire was acknowledged as part of an investigation into Babar conducted by Marion Marschalek, an Austrian researcher at Cyphort. The malware is capable of eavesdropping on online conv
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