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Google mistake is the root cause of Internet Outage in Japan

A widespread internet disruption occurred in Japan on Friday, Google error it the main cause of the Internet outage that caused the panic in the country. Google error it the root cause of a widespread Internet outage in Japan that lasted for about an hour on Friday, August 25. The incident was caused by a BGM route hijack that began at 12:22 PM local Japan t
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BGP Security Alerts Coming to Twitter

Enterprises in the throes of a denial-of-service attack, or suspicious about the integrity of their Internet traffic, will soon have a free data feed available that cuts through the noise produced by normal Internet routing over BGP, the Border Gateway Protocol.During next month’s Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, researchers from OpenDNS are expected
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Hacking Team orchestrated brazen BGP hack to hijack IPs it didn’t own

Spyware service provider Hacking Team orchestrated the hijacking of IP addresses it didn't own to help Italian police regain control over several computers that were being monitored in an investigation, e-sent among company employees showed.Over a six day period in August 2013, Italian Web host Aruba S.p.A. fraudulently announced its ownership of 256 IP
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Strange snafu hijacks UK nuke maker’s traffic, routes it through Ukraine

Internet traffic for 167 important British Telecom customers—including a UK defense contractor that helps deliver the country's nuclear warhead program—were mysteriously diverted to servers in Ukraine before being passed along to their final destination.The snafu may have allowed adversaries to eavesdrop on or tamper with communications sent and received
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Internal Internet traffic routed outside the Russia by a Chinese operator

Russian Internet Traffic redirected by a Chinese operator due to routing errors caused by a weakness in the Border gateway protocol (BGP). The Russian Internet traffic in several circumstances has been re-routed outside the country, the incidents seem to be caused by routing errors made by China Telecom. The news has been pu
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WTF, Russia’s domestic Internet traffic mysteriously passes through Chinese routers

Domestic Internet traffic traveling inside the borders of Russia has repeatedly been rerouted outside of the country under an unexplained series of events that degrades performance and could compromise the security of Russian communications.Further ReadingRepeated attacks hijack huge chunks of Internet traffic, researchers warnMan-in-the-middle attacks div
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Attacks on ISP Networks allows to steal $83,000 from Bitcoin Mining pools

Researchers at Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit discovered a theft of Bitcoin made hijacking networks of at least 19 Internet service providers. With the rise of Bitcon value has increased the interest of cybercrime, since now we have read of botnet able to mine virtual currency with victim’s resources and maliciou
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