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10-Second Hack Delivers First Ever Malware to Fitness Trackers

A security researcher has developed a method by which one can exploit a vulnerability in FitBit fitness trackers and subsequently deliver malware to the target device in 10 seconds.FitBit (Source: PCMag)Axelle Apvrille (@cryptax), a malware researcher at network security firm Fortinet, has found that FitBit wearables are open on their Bluetooth ports, a prop
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Malware Infects 75,000 Jailbroken iPhones, Hijacks Ad Revenue

More than 75,000 iPhone users of jailbroken devices were targeted by Chinese AdThief malware, hijacking nearly 22 million advertisements and cashing in on the advertisements revenue.The malware was detected by virus expert Axelle Apvrille, who said cybercriminals likely made big bucks off the stolen profits. AdThief is designed to rely on Cydia Substrate—a p
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