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Eight Crazy Hacks: The Worst and Weirdest Data Breaches of 2015

2015 was a banner year for cybercriminals. And with less than a month left before the calendar rolls over, it’s worth taking a look back at the biggest, craziest and downright strangest hacks and data breaches of the last 11 months. Eight Crazy Hacks in 2015 In no particular order, here are eight of the biggest and strangest hacks from the past year: 1
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Connected Cars: Safe to Drive, Safe to Own

A modern car is a wonderful piece of engineering. Even at its most basic, these vehicles provide levels of road holding, economy, safety and comfort that make their predecessors of only a decade ago seem like tractors in comparison. While a modern car’s performance is miles ahead of its forebears, manufacturers know that they cannot rest on their laure
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