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Clean Sweep: A 30-Day Guide to a New Cybersecurity Plan

While the arrival of spring promises better days ahead, enterprises are also facing a cyberthreat landscape filled with both familiar threats and emerging attack vectors. As a result, it’s worth taking stock of current security systems and services to see what’s working, what isn’t and where operations can be improved. But how do businesse
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Security Automation: The Future of Enterprise Defense

When it comes to giving cyber security experts the tools they need to take action, automation and machine learning (ML) can make a big difference. Many companies are working with high volumes of data, and types and variants of attack are always growing and changing. It can become too much for people to process in a meaningful time frame. But security automa
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Deep learning: An explanation and a peek into the future

Deep learning is one of the most advanced forms of machine learning, and is showing new developments in many industries. In this article, we’ll explain the concept and give some examples of the latest and greatest ways it’s being used. What is deep learning? There have been many attempts at creating a definition of deep learning. As we&#
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Is Cybersecurity Smart Enough to Protect Automated Buildings?

Hacked air conditioning and plummeting elevators?Imagine that you are in an elevator in a high rise building when suddenly the elevator starts to plummet with no apparent stopping mechanism other than the concrete foundation below.  While this may sound like something from a Hollywood movie, consider the idea that a securely tethered, fully functional e
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To Automate or To Reduce the Noise?

If you follow my blog for a while, you probably noticed that I’m not really active with new content. Most articles are published through the SANS ISC Website but it does not mean I don’t have content to publish. It’s just a question of time like many of us! Recently, I listened to an interesting conversation in a SOC (“Security Ope
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5 Essential Steps to Improve Cybersecurity Maturity

From small- and medium-sized organizations to large enterprises, every business is under continuous threat of security risk in today’s digital world.With the growing digital footprint and cloud adoption, organizations continue to experience sophisticated cyberthreats that hold the potential to disrupt business continuity.A vast majority of these threats can
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4 Considerations for a Secure Cloud Environment

Digital attackers are increasingly turning their attention to the cloud. According to the 2020 Trustwave Global Security Report, the volume of attacks targeting cloud services more than doubled 7% in 2018 to 20% a year later. This growth made cloud services the third most-targeted environment after corporate and e-commerce at 54% and 22%, respectively.These
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How Automation can help you in Managing Data Privacy

The global data privacy landscape is changing and everyday we can see new regulations emerge. These regulations are encouraging organizations to be better custodians of the consumers data and create a healthier space for data privacy. In order to do so organizations will need to rework their operations and revamp their processes in order to comply with th
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How Tripwire Custom Workflow Automation Can Enhance Your Network Visibility

Tripwire Enterprise is a powerful tool. It provides customers insight into nearly every aspect of their systems and devices. From change management to configuration and compliance, Tripwire can provide “eyes on” across the network.Gathering that vast amount of data for analysis does not come without challenges. Customers have asked for better integration wit
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Uncover Return on Investment From Using a SOAR Platform

When a cybersecurity attack happens, people may be tempted to react impulsively. Instead, security leaders should take a proactive approach. Carefully considering the long-term effects of actions on resources and security posture becomes easier with the right tools. Using a Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform from day one can hel
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Podcast Episode 9 – Cloud Misconfigurations: Simple Mistakes, Big Consequences

Tripwire’s Brent Holder and Stephen Wood discuss recent study findings that provide a snapshot of what organizations are doing (and not doing) to secure their cloud.Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5wXKv9DiQjfsZNf6heXg67Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-tripwire-cybersecurity-podcastRSS: https://tripwire.libsyn.com/rssYouTube: https://w
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Leverage Automation Successfully as Part of a Broader SOAR Strategy

In a previous article, we explored common misconceptions about automation and the realities of using automation to improve security. This article discusses automation best practices as part of an overall Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) strategy. Being fully aware of the pitfalls of automation helps frame best practices and provide gre
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Build a Roadmap for Cyber Resilience

The current information security landscape is rapidly evolving. According to the latest research from IBM Security and the Ponemon Institute’s 2020 Cyber Resilient Organization Report, 67% of organizations reported that the volume of attacks had significantly increased over the past 12 months. It’s not just the amount of attacks that grew; 64% o
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Securing Travel and Transportation Operations

Transportation networks are foundational to our modern way of life. The current restrictions on global movement and the corresponding reduction in demand for travel and transportation services, while profound, are temporary. Forecasting future demand and capacity requirements is nearly impossible. But, the travel and transportation industries are part of the
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The 2020 Cyber Resilient Organization: Preparation and Technology Differentiate High Performers

The Ponemon Institute just released its annual “The Cyber Resilient Organization” report, sponsored by IBM Security. In its fifth year, this study takes an in-depth look at organizations’ ability to prevent, detect, contain and respond to cyberattacks. The report examines changes in cyber resilience and identifies approaches and best practices organizations
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