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Naked Security Live – HTTPS: do we REALLY need it?

byPaul DucklinHere’s our latest Naked Security Live talk, explaining why HTTPS is vital, even if you’re publishing public data that isn’t confidential.Thats because HTTPS isn’t just about the confidentiality of the data you browse to – it’s also about improving your privacy in respect of what you chose to look at, when you
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Naked Security Live – Cybersecurity tips for your own network

byPaul DucklinWe do a show on Facebook every week in our Naked Security Live video series, where we discuss one of the big security concerns of the week.We’d love you to join in if you can – just keep an eye on the @NakedSecurity Twitter feed or check our Facebook page on Fridays to find out the time. (Note that you don’t need a Facebook ac
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How dare you use my camera! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Got a minute to spare?Watch this week's 60 Second Security...→ Can't view the video on this page? Watch directly from YouTube. Can't hear the audio? Click on the Captions icon for closed captions.In this episode:• [0'05"] 220 million records stolen in South Korean breach• [0'21"] 97,000 Bugzilla email addresses and passwords exposed• [0'3
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