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A Security Wake Up Call for Chief Information Officers

The nation is in the midst of a torrent of major data breaches. The most recent breaches include the Ashley Madison breach, the Office of Personnel Management breach, and the theft of millions of dollars from small- to mid-size businesses. In addition to the financial impacts, the breaches include the release of personal-data including social security number
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Extorting money from Ashley Madison customers is actually pretty easy

In the wake of the recent Ashley Madison e-mail dump, some customers have gotten demand e-mails like this one. CloudmarkSo that begs the question: does it work? In the words of Omar Little, "Oh, indeed."Further ReadingAshley Madison hack is not only real, it’s worse than we thoughtIntimate data for more than 30 million accounts, keys to Windows domain pu
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The InfoSecond, Aug. 24–28: Cyberattacks, Ashley Madison and More!

It’s a new week, which means we’ve got another edition of the InfoSecond to help keep you updated on the biggest stories in cybersecurity. This week’s entry highlights the most infamous cyberattacks of the 21st century, the era of cybercrime, hacker myths, blurred lines in security research, an automobile hack and the discovery of new vulne
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Dozens dating websites got breached by Russian hackers

A huge number of individuals are in danger because of massive attacks by Russian hackers, total 97 websites have been broken and most of them are dating sites. Security experts at Hold Security discovered that a significant amount of websites, including dating portals like the Ashley Madison, has been targeted by massive attac
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What us worry? Ashley Madison says it added over 100K users last week

Executives at Ashley Madison may have lost their founder and CEO after suffering a breach that leaked highly personal details for more than 30 million users, but they want to make one thing clear: business fundamentals are strong, and the service for people seeking discreet encounters won't go gentle into that good night."Recent media reports predicting
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This Week in Security: Ashley Madison CEO Resigns, Agora Goes Offline, Rise in Wire Transfer Scams

Our security roundup series covers the week’s trending topics in the world of InfoSec. In this quick read compilation, we’ll let you know of the latest news and controversies that the industry has been talking about recently.Here’s what you don’t want to miss from the week of August 23rd, 2015:Unsurprisingly, it was announced that Noel Biderman, CEO of Ashel
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Lessons learned from cracking 4,000 Ashley Madison passwords

Further Reading25-GPU cluster cracks every standard Windows password in <6 hoursAll your passwords are belong to us.When hackers released password data for more than 36 million Ashley Madison accounts last week, big-league cracking expert Jeremi Gosney didn't bother running them through one of his massive computer clusters built for the sole purpose o
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Blurred Lines: Researching the Ashley Madison Data

Put your imagination caps on folks, it’s scenario-imagining time. What if someone were to break into your home, steal your belongings and leave them somewhere with a sign in front stating “Stolen Goods”? Someone else walks by, sees the stuff and takes it all despite the Stolen Goods warning. No blurred lines here — clearly the second Mr. or
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Ticking the Box Is Not Enough

Up until this month, I wasn’t aware of Ashley Madison’s site or the nature of the services they offered – what may be described ‘RaaS’ (Relationships as a Service). However, since this organisation has come to my attention, I have conducted research and completed interviews for BBC TV, the radio, news publications, and a host of other agencies, w
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Ashley Madison offers $500,000 reward amid reports of member suicides

An international roster of police and private investigators are vowing to vigorously pursue the people who hacked the Ashley Madison dating website for cheaters, with the cheating site offering a $500,000 reward and appealing for help from hackers around the world.The full-court press comes amid a report of at least two suicides of people whose personal
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Exposed Ashley Madison members targeted by scammers and extortionists

Ars has already chronicled the feeding frenzy among lawyers trying to capitalize on the epic Ashley Madison data breach. Now there's word of scam sites charging hefty fees to expunge the data of exposed members and attempts to extort people caught up in the privacy nightmare.One of the best known offenders is known as Trustify, which bills itself as a pr
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Ashley Madison execs hacked competitors, wrote screenplay

Last week, a hacking ring calling itself "Impact Team" released a trove of information collected by Ashley Madison, a dating site that connected people looking to have extramarital affairs. Not only were details pertaining to more than 30 million Ashley Madison accounts leaked, but Impact Team also dropped a 30-gigabyte archive which it said encompassed
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Who are the Ashley Madison users?

The hackers behind that data breach of the Ashley Madison website have released another dump of 20 GB and experts are publishing their analysis on it. The recent hack of the adultery website Ashley Madison is attracting the attention of the media, after the disclosure of a second dump of data the security experts started their
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Ashley Madison hackers leave footprints that may help investigators

The people who leaked more than 200,000 e-mails from the Ashley Madison dating service for cheaters left behind footprints that will almost certainly be of interest to police and company officials.The BitTorrent file containing e-mail for Noel Biderman, the CEO of Ashley Madison parent company Avid Life Media, was originally uploaded by someone using a s
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This Week in Security: Data Dumps, IRS Breach Doubles, Spotify Overhauls Privacy Policy

Our security roundup series covers the week’s trending topics in the world of InfoSec. In this quick read summary, we’ll let you know of the latest reports and controversies that the industry has been talking about recently.Here’s what you don’t want to miss from the week of August 17th, 2015:The Ashley Madison hack went from bad to worse after the data that
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