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A decade in cybersecurity fails: the top breaches, threats, and ‘whoopsies’ of the 2010s

This post was co-authored by Wendy Zamora and Chris Boyd. All opinions expressed belong to your mom. Back in the days before climate change stretched frigid winter months directly into the insta-sweat of summer, there was a saying about March: in like a lamb, out like a lion. The same might be said about the last decade in cybersecurity fails. What kic
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Ashley Madison agrees to an $11.2 Million settlement for a 2015 massive data breach

Dating site for cheaters Ashley Madison has agreed to an $11.2 Million settlement for roughly 37 million users affected by the 2015 massive data breach. Dating site for cheaters Ashley Madison has agreed to an $11.2 Million settlement for roughly 37 million users whose personal details were exposed in a massive data breach in 2015. The site was hacked in Jul
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Ashley Madison Ordered to Pay $1.65 Million Over 2015 Mega Breach

Ashley Madison has been ordered to pay a fine of $1.65 million as a result of the massive data breach that exposed the personal information of 36 million customers last year.According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the fine settles federal and state charges alleging that the adultery website deceived consumers and failed to properly protect users’ ac
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1.5M Dating Site Users’ Passwords Exposed by Misconfigured Database

A misconfigured database exposed the passwords and login details of 1.5 million people who have signed up for multiple dating websites.The MacKeeper Security Research Center spotted an unprotected MongoDB instance owned by C&Z Tech Limited, a New Zealand-based company which operates several dating websites including haveafling.mobi, haveafling.co.nz, hav
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Eight Crazy Hacks: The Worst and Weirdest Data Breaches of 2015

2015 was a banner year for cybercriminals. And with less than a month left before the calendar rolls over, it’s worth taking a look back at the biggest, craziest and downright strangest hacks and data breaches of the last 11 months. Eight Crazy Hacks in 2015 In no particular order, here are eight of the biggest and strangest hacks from the past year: 1
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3Q 2015 Security Roundup: Current Threats Forecast Impending Attack Scenarios

When experts call on people to brace for disaster, it’s always based on signs that point to impending events. This quarter, we saw numerous signposts pointing to hazards to sensitive data that could lead to damages to individuals’ personal lives and organizations’ operations. The high-profile breaches, vulnerability exploits, and other attacks we saw this pa
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Two Important Lessons from the Ashley Madison Breach

Another Year, Another Breach Reports and statistics tallying 2015 data breaches are now available. One of the most staggering statistics is from the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), which reported that over 140 million records have been exposed in 2015 across the business, educational, government and health care sectors. If you have a credit card, Soci
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Ashley Madison passwords like “thisiswrong” tap cheaters’ guilt and denial

On Friday, members of the CynoSure Prime password-cracking collective published the top 100 mostly commonly used Ashley Madison passwords recovered so far. With top entries including 123456, 12345, and password, the list underscored that accounts on the site dedicated to people cheating on their romantic partners were no better than those on LinkedIn and mor
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The InfoSecond, Sept. 7–11: A World without Breaches, Deception and More!

What better way to start the week than with a rundown on the biggest information security stories impacting your business and you? My thoughts exactly. In this week’s entry, we’re exploring a world without breaches, taking notice of a rise in malicious email attacks, examining how security policies may create more harm than good, looking at decep
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10 Days to crack 11 Million Ashley Madison hashed passwords

Ashley Madison – A group of hackers which calls itself CynoSure Prime has cracked more than 11 Million hashed passwords protected with Bcrypt. How? Last month hackers breached the popular adultery website Ashley Madison and leaked online a dump containing data belonging to 37 Million users, including 37 Million of encryp
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Top 100 list shows Ashley Madison passwords are just as weak as all the rest

The unwashed masses are horrible at picking passwords. We're reminded of this sad truism every time there's a major leak—like the 2012 dump of passwords belonging to LinkedIn users, for example. Now researchers who have cracked more than 11 million Ashley Madison passwords have released the top 100 choices users of that site picked. It won't come as a sh
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Password Cracking Crew Cracks 11M Ashley Madison Passwords

A San Diego-based password cracking group has taken a big step towards deciphering some of the 36 million odd passwords leaked in last month’s Ashley Madison breach, a move that could quickly lead to the widespread hacking of any users who used the same password on other services.Hackers had previously attempted – and succeeded – to crack some users
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Once seen as bulletproof, 11 million+ Ashley Madison passwords already cracked

When the Ashley Madison hackers leaked close to 100 gigabytes' worth of sensitive documents belonging to the online dating service for people cheating on their romantic partners, there seemed to be one saving grace. User passwords were cryptographically protected using bcrypt, an algorithm so slow and computationally demanding it would literally take cen
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Sheep vs Cyber Insurance

Given the threats implicated by ongoing, successful cyber incursions facilitating unauthorised access to sensitive materials and leading to other forms of the related exposure of people, it would seem to make very good sense to turn to cyber insurance for an additional level of protection to the organisation – albeit in the negative reactive mode.But then I
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Ashley Madison Users victims of extortion and phishing

Security researchers have observed a spike in extortion attempts and phishing campaigns against the Ashley Madison users … are they effective? The hack of the Ashley Madison website has demonstrated us how much dangerous could be a cyber attack against a website that manage sensitive and confidential information of milli
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