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Russian Army is largely investing in modern UAVs

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that the Russian Army received over 1,500 modern UAVs in the last four years. Almost every government is increasing the adoption of drones within its military. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) represent a privileged option for military surveillance, reconnaissance and attack, these vehicles
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Army Research Lab Releases Dshell Forensics Framework

The U.S. Army has released to open source an internal forensics analysis framework that the Army Research Lab has been using for some time.The framework, known as Dshell, is a Python tool that runs on Linux and its designed to help analysts investigate compromises within their environments. The goal in open sourcing the framework is to encourage outside deve
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Practical and cheap cyberwar (cyber-warfare): Part II

By Cesar Cerrudo @cesarcerDisclaimer: I did not perform any illegal attacks on the mentioned websites in order to get the information I present here. No vulnerability was exploited on the websites, and they are not known to be vulnerable.Given that we live in an age of information leakage where government surveillance and espionage abound, I decided in this
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