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Moonfruit Takes All Sites Offline After Threat of Targeted Attack

Moonfruit, a UK-based company that offers users a free website building service, has taken all of its customers’ websites temporarily offline following the threat of a targeted attack.The BBC reports that on Thursday, December 10th, Moonfruit was hit by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack for 45 minutes.According to an email sent out to its
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Bitcoin Extortionist Copycats on the Rise, Experts Say

Experts believe that the success tied to a recent spate of DDoS-for-hire groups may be because many are¬†copycat collectives operating with a shorter lifespan.Researchers with Recorded Future, a Massachusetts-based firm that tracks real time threat intelligence, said¬†Monday that they’ve noticed an increase in would-be hackers asking for guidance on foru
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How extorted e-mail provider got back online after crippling DDoS attack

ProtonMail, the encrypted e-mail provider that buckled under crippling denial-of-service attacks even after it paid a $6,000 ransom, said it has finally recovered from the massive assaults seven days after they began."It has now been one week since the first attack was launched against ProtonMail," officials wrote in a blog post published Tuesday. "Since the
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Armada Collective Hackers Target Secure Email Services with Blackmail DDoS Attacks

A hacker group known as the Armada Collective is currently targeting secure email services with prolonged blackmail distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack campaigns.Last week, Geneva-based encrypted email service ProtonMail announced that it had been temporarily knocked offline by a DDoS attack. After issuing a post explaining what it was doing to corre
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